• I'm sure I read somewhere that Basenji's should be trained to go outside only. I've always used a puppy pad for training. I just say someone else uses a litter box...

    Thoughts? Process?

  • My 9 week old puppy came from the breeder litter box trained. It's convenient, and I keep it in the house. The problem is I dont think my puppy is learning to "hold it" for longer while he is inside a home.

  • But you still take him outside though right? And when will you take it away?

  • Yes, I take him outside as soon as I see him heading toward the box. I want to be able to keep it because I'm gone for work in the evenings. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss for what is the greater option (litter box or outside potty only) since I'm a first time dog owner.

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    we had an area with a fake grass on it, that they got pretty good on, then when they had freedom, any carpet was fine game, but after a while, the learn quick it was not an issue. The pee pads, in typical Basenji fashion, got torn up more then used

  • Studies show that puppies who use pee pads/newspaper etc have more accidents in the house. I wonder if it isn't because often those are used by people who don't train appropriately. I wouldn't trust mine with pee pads.. ingesting those can be deadly. If you really want to let the puppy have an indoor potty area, that is your business. There have sure been times I wish mine were litter trained! 🙂 There are great litter boxes that you can put the fake grass on that is easily cleaned, urine soaks down. I know a lot of people with tiny dogs who use those and never have issues.

    I seriously have always just preferred to take them outside. They learn in the house is off limits and it is less confusing. Some people in apartments, or extremely cold climates, find doing both is incredibly helpful. So truly it depends on what you need and how well you can work with the pup so you don't create confusion about where is okay to go.

  • Yea....I have always trained my dogs to go outside only. But, maybe there is an advantage. We shall see!

  • I litterbox train my pups in my litters. I have not used newpapers/pads for years... as I agree with Debra, leads to many more accidents.... as in... if you leave a magazine on the floor, chances are the puppy will pee on it, they only know it is paper.... As far as outside, if possible yes they should be taught to go outside, but I never heard "Basenji should be trained to go outside only"... why would that be? There are situations people might have the they can't use outside only

  • @MicaLB - At 9 wks, they can't hold it very long, period.... don't expect it at that age...

  • We found that our Lela got used to peeing outside very fast - just over a week if I remember correctly. We started out with lots of newspapers on the floor, making it less every day until one piece remained. I recall only one or two mishaps inside.

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