• So I just heard that there is a litter box for dogs and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this? I'm trying to exhaust all my options before using the crate and was hoping to get some feedback.

  • Yes it works very well i put the pee pads in it and she goes right to it but soon as she does i have to take the pad out once its <pad>used she will not use it again


  • hmm so this is a short term thing not like I can use this when I go to work..Or maybe if I use two…Although I don't know if I want this in the middle of my living room for life since the only real way to potty train is to crate train..

  • Decisions decisions…do I crate train do I litter train..aghhhhhh

  • i like the litter pan cause when i am not home my mother in law cant take her out but she can change the pad so its works for us. Stella cant go out like my other dogs i have underground fencing system that just does not work for her and she also climbs the pen so leash and lots of walks for her and me.My Vizsla also will use the litter box so i think they are great


  • My only concern is once we decide to have a baby, this might not be such a good option.

  • When I first got my B, she was litter box trained…at 12 weeks! It worked fabulously in the winter when it was too cold and she wouldn't go outside. I used the litter pellets that are specially designed for dog litter boxes. It worked really well. We chose not to continue using this method because we have another dog that is too big for the litter box, and it confused her.

  • @luzmery928:

    hmm so this is a short term thing not like I can use this when I go to work..Or maybe if I use two…Although I don't know if I want this in the middle of my living room for life since the only real way to potty train is to crate train..

    May I ask why this would be in your living room for life? And, why is the only real way to potty train is to crate train??

  • I'm thinking if I don't train him he will continue using the designated area we leave him when we are not home, (he chose the living room). So if I don't potty train him now then this is it. What else are we supposed to do if we are not home and he needs to relieve himself? Believe me I don't like the idea of the crate but that's the only option I have received from everyone about how to train him since he is home alone for most of the day and he is already 1 year old. I'm open to suggestions

  • Crates are fine-it's how you use them. Don't use for punishment. At 1 year old he should be able to learn how to hold himself for a period of time. If your gone for long periods consider someone who will come in and take him for a short walk during the day. What you can do is buy an x-pen or cordon off an area in your house with shredded newspapers in a box in one corner open crate with soft bedding in another. (yes he'll probably shred the blankets) a SMALL dish of water may be required. Give a toy (eg a kong with a little bit of Peanut butter, a favorite toy, etc). Use this area when you are home as well. Praise, praise, praise when he goes in the designated area. Your dog will get the message (may be a little slow) but one step forward is better than none backward. Start with a small area and gradually expand it as he keeps the area clean.

  • I thought about this but really I home is not really big enough that we can spare an area for him. So that's why we need him to potty train outside. The thing is that even when we take him out for his walk and he does his business, if he is unable to come in the room with us for whatever reason (usually my daughters room) he will poop and pee again because of the seperation. So it's not necessary that he can't hold it in )he does on the weekends when we are home with exceptions of very few accidents) but that he is also doing this from anxiety

  • Make sure you spray the spots where he pees or poops with a product that breaks down the emzymes rather than masks the odor to you. Try blocking the bathroom and leaving him for a few seconds at a time until you build up to a certain point. Don't close the door. This works the same as a crate. He can see you and smell you and with GRADUAL increments this will improve. This will require a great deal of patience on your and your family's part. I also find males very needy-more so than females. Even do this sort of thing on the weekend so he knows your not leaving him during the week and (in his mind) punishing him. He needs to know this is a daily routine. Are his poops firm or loose? Sometimes he may have an unnoticed infection that may manifest itself with the separation anxiety. You may want to try a round of antibiotics to see if that helps as well.

    Start watching for clues also when you're doing these exercises. If you leave him for 30 seconds behind the gate and you notice him circling take him immediately outside and after he goes, praise him and then return him to behind the gate with the timer starting over.

  • O.k this will work when we are home but not when we leave. I will still the crate for when we are out of the house for the day but at least when we are home but unable to be in the same room as him for examplt when we are in the bathroom or my daughter in her room at least he won't have to be crated and will eventually learn so he won't be made to go in the crate by force. Is that correct?

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