• Hello Fellow Basenji owners,

    We just got our 11 week old Basenji last week. He was litter trained by the breeder so we have continued this to ease his transition. The problem is he won’t go outside and is prone to have accidents in the house even after he has gone in the litter pan. I am thinking I should give it more time but could use some suggestions!

  • Ohhhhh you have a long road ahead of you! Hahaha. I have a puppy myself and just when I think he’s got it I step in another puddle! 11 weeks is very very young to expect him to be house trained. Give it a few more months.

    Be consistant. After a nap, after he plays hard, after he eats, right when you get home, every hour..outside! Praise him like crazy when he gets it right.

    It has been my experience that basenjis take awhile to house train. He will get it!

  • Thank you so much! Appreciate the advice!

  • Be observant. Learn the signs and react quickly. A week isn't much time to make that transition, but it seems strange that he isn't using the litter if he was trained to it. I don't agree that Basenjis are difficult to house train, but perhaps males are slower to learn than females. My girls were very quick to understand and become reliable.

  • @jacesmom - If you take him immediately outside after naps, eating, playing he will go outside.... but you have to take him... not expect him to tell you he needs to go out. Way to young for that. And I litter box train my pups and tell new owners to make that change from litter box to outside, take some of the litter you are using and put it out side, they pick up the idea pretty quick.

    Many of us are related by our Basenjis, who did you get him from?

  • Ditto Tanza's comments. Be consistent about taking him to potty (whether the litter box or ourside) and at regular intervals for now. When he does go, be sure to praise him (so he knows it's a good thing to go "when asked") and give a treat. Move the litter box to the doorway then to outside so he gets the idea - you can also train a particular area in the yard as well if desired. Always praise and or treat when he goes when you take him - that will help.

  • Great feedback. Thanks everyone! I got my pup from Kabars Basenjis in Poulsbo Washington. The breeder partners with Khani’s Basenjis in Portland.

  • My Dog used a Litter Box until 12 Weeks of Age. After that, I took her to the Horse Farm and let her 'Pack' with older well-trained Dogs. She mimicked their behaviors and she learned how to Sit, Stay, Come when called and lay down. The Dogs did a great job of training mine. I did not have very many problems. these dogs get a bad reputation for being hard to train but they really aren't. They are very stubborn and would rather die than negotiate. Therein lies the importance of understanding the Dog's body language, that tells you all you need to know. They are extremely intelligent and never forget a thing, including people and other animals. Good luck with it!

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