New Member from Indiana! (Basenji mix)

  • Hello to all! I am joining the forum after lurking for about a month. We have what we think is a Basenji mix.

    His name is Hazard. He displays all personality traits (and a lot of physical traits) of a Basenji. We got him from an animal control department and he has been determined to be 2 years old. Unfortunately, he had been in two abusive homes, where he lost some of his teeth and tail in one home, and was placed outside on a chain all the time in another home.

    We have a high-functioning autistic 4-year-old, and Hazard has been the perfect dog for him so far. Hazard is very loving and has started to open up and play with us. He loves walks and the only time he barks is when he watches another dog walk by the house!


  • Hazard is a cutie, glad you have given a special dog a special home, so sad what some people do to animals.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • First Basenji's

    Well, whatever he is mixed with, the idea that he is a companion for your son is sooooo cool! There are so many stories about a dog being able to nurture the autistic child and get them to be more social is endearing! PS: what kind of traits of Basenji do you see? and that he is registered as a B mix is always good for homeowner insurance because some of that mix resembles large breed terrier of such…..Very glad to hear your son is doing so well with him-cute pic of them gazing at each other on the floor!

  • As far as traits, Hazard's bark (or lack of) resembles everything we have seen online. He sort of yodels first, then may bark 3 or so times at a passing by dog. His head shape is pretty much spot on, and we have no idea what his tale looked like before the hack job done by a previous owner. He is a hound, although I haven't seen a distinction between sight and scent yet. He is probably the most athletic, deceptively strong dog I have ever seen. He can pull me easily (I'm 250 lbs). He is very short hair, no "dog smell," and wants to be a lap dog. Very loyal to all three of us, but more so to my wife. He'll only really play rough with me.

    Mixed characteristics is his color, I know Brindle exists in the Basenji breed, but it seems to be more gray than I've seen. His ears are quite floppy, and he is almost 50 lbs.

    I have looked up Basenji mixes before, the closest size and look seems to be a Lab mix. He has to be of large dog breed to, since he is almost double the size of average Basenjis.

    All in all, I really don't care how much Basenji or whatever is in him, he is a wonderful dog. I'm not a dog person at all, but I love Hazard.

  • I'm so glad you've found each other - sounds like a perfect match for everyone. I have no idea about his heritage, but i will say my basenjis have all been wonderful therapy dogs, especially in the Alzheimer's facility. very intuitive.

  • First Basenji's

    "All in all, I really don't care how much Basenji or whatever is in him, he is a wonderful dog. I'm not a dog person at all, but I love Hazard.

    LOVE-That is all you need!!!! Keep us posted on how your son blossoms!

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