• Hi Everyone,

    I recently rescured this cute guy from a local animal shelter, he was listed as a Basenji. He is 1 year old and very smart, obedient, great with other dogs and kids. He does have a bark, but only very rarely.

    Any thoughts on if he is a B mix or something else?



  • Hi congratulations! It is similar to my Ricky, who is also 1 yr old, quiet and sweet (see my post). I am no expert in this matter, but I might guess my Ricky is mixed with lab, and yours seems to have a bit of pitbull?

  • Cute, but head is not a Basenji type… that said... when you have mixes, they can take on the "DNA" from either/or.... sire/dam... there was a litter years ago of a Beagle mix and a purebred Basenji... I think it was a litter of 6 or more.... 2 looked totally like a Basenji, two like a Beagle... one in fact looked totally like a German Shepard.... so with mixes, you never know unless someone really knows who the Mom/Dad are

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