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One of my students gave us our Basenji mix. We had no idea of what she was, and didn't know until fairly recently. I sure wouldn't describe her as "quiet", since she has the loudest bark I've ever heard!! Maybe that's the heeler in her. Anyway, after puppy school was a bust, we just tried to socialize her at home. Now that she's a year old she's much better, keeps us running, and is a pure joy for our family.

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Hi, Jen. I'm showing my Basenji ignorance, but what is a barooo? If it's all the talking our dog does, then I know what it is! She tries to carry on conversations with us!
I'm thrilled to have a Knoxvillian to talk with. So many questions, so little time.

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Hi all. I am a new member of the forum. We brought Daisy, a Basenji and Blue Heeler mix, last May when she was 6 weeks old. She's quite a joy. But, she's also aggressive with strangers, barking nonstop when they arrive. She doesn't lunge at them or really even growl, she just barks. She joined our family and our pet, Sassy, a Westie mix about 14 years old. She and Sassy get along fine unless Sassy is worried about us. It's obvious who the alpha is. Daisy is the softest animal I've ever felt, and as I teenager, I even worked for a furrier (please forgive me, as I forgive myself). She's an amazing, highly-strung, non-stop dog who seems to understand everything we say. She's amazing.

Thanks for the warm greetings from fans and for the advice.

Rita from Nashville

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Hi, J. Thanks for asking. I will try to get a few up for you folks to see. She's mostly black, which I guess isn't too common, judging from the pictures.
I've been trying to find out more about heelers, since one person replied that they, too, can be quite troublesome. I'm also trying to find a vet here in Nashville who would be better with her than her current one. Thanks for the welcome. Love your dog!


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Thank you! She had to be muzzled at the vet today. We have found she is the most intelligent any of us have ever seen. She always amazes us!

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Hi, all. My family is the owner of a basenji mix. Wow, are we overwhelmed! Daisy is sweet as can be to us, but evil to everyone else! She didn't even pass her puppy training - we had to remove her for the sake of the other puppies! We could use all the help we can get! She's a year old, basenji and blue heeler mix. So glad I found this forum!

rbrady in TN:)

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