Orion - like the greek hunter

My handsome little boy is growing so fast!! And he brings me so much joy so I thought I'd share some pictures of him to bring a smile to your face!

Very cute!

Oh, he looks like a real charmer! 🙂

What a cutie he is!!
I miss having a B/W.


Better watch out he is very cute how can you say no to him.

Jolanda and Kaiser

He gets to hear the word "no" often enough 😉

Oh my goodness is that serious cuteness or what? LOL love the coffee table. Might as well embrace it I guess… we tell Arwen a dozen times a week to get off the table.

He's wonderful– such a cutie! Congrats on your new addition!

First Basenji's

What a look! Love the way he looks right into your (heart) camera! Good luck! Just so he doesn't grow up thinking his name is Orien-No! Tell or give him what you'd rather have him do, chew on. that way he can do an alternative behavior…

Oh ! what a handsome boy!! and the coffee table! basenjis are the best decoration and they already know it!

what a cute little face he has

Oh my gosh, cuteness overload! BWAHAHAHAHA love the coffee table. 🙂 You have one cute boy there!

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