Hello from Montreal,Canada

Hi all, I'm glad I found this forum it has answered a lot of questions and concerns I had. I've got a 3 month old Male called Finley, he is absolute greatness. Surprisingly well behaved (even for a puppy)!

What a cutey! Thanks for posting the pictures. 🙂

Welcome… who did he come from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis

What a guy! Enjoy you two.

Wow one of the not-usual summer puppies! Welcome to the forum

They are beautifull ! Im actually from Quebec ! We are not that far from each other.
The 1st picture is my favourite

Thanks everyone! Tanza, Not sure if you mean bloodline or the breeder? I was told his mom was originally from Czech Republic, The breeder is Andre Savoie of Josabry Basenjis. No snow yet (that has stayed) but the wind is tough on the little guy! Here's some more pics! 🙂

One of my puppies from last year lives in Quebec and we were able to visit with her and her owner in Oct when on vacation, love Canada

Very cute puppy, they don't stay little for long so enjoy puppy time.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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