My new brindle bundle of joy…


CONGRATS!!!!!! She is too cute and how fun that we ARE related by our Basenjis! TMartin too!

Wonder who else is related to us? Little Uh-Oh! may have a lot of cousins on here.

What a cute little brindle girl 🙂

Congratulations on the new addition!

Double V's would be difficult!!! What about Viva Venus… She sure is a cutie and you are lucky to have lots of people on here who are related to you now!

Changes becomes amazing gifts-for three years of litters I was expecting and once was chosen for a red girl, yet I ended up with the farthest thing from it…a black anytime I see a black and white dog my heart melts..and I love boys. In the end my breeder was right, it doesn't matter what you're looking for (coat color, markings), you end up head over heels with what you get!

I have had over the year so many people insist that they wanted a girl… only to find that I picked a boy for them... and visa versa... The only time this I will try and get the sex someone wants is if they already have a Basenji of one sex or the other....

How about Vivian? Two V's, Viv for short?

Call name could be something like "Venus's Vixen". ((Men are from mars, women are from Venus- seeing as you surprisingly got a girl?) or "VaVA Voom…"

Thanks for all the V suggestions! Keep 'em coming! I think V is probably the hardest letter in doubles– except for Q, which they skipped because it was just too hard.

Great minds think alike! I have been playing with Vixen and Venus and I love Veronica Lake but I'm not sure what I'd call her. (Not so keen on Ronni-- maybe Nica?) Same with Vivian. I also love Lucy 😉 and wondered if I could work Vivian in with that. That second V is what makes it so hard!

I also love Va-Va-Voom; call name Ava or Sophia/Sophie. And Viva Las Vegas; call name Liza or Lola. Or Virtue and Vice; call name Emma. And there's one more I'm tinkering with. Of course, Little Miss No-Name is no help-- she doesn't respond to any of them unless I have a treat in my hand and then she likes them all.

Tanza gave you a good one, "Vice Versa". You were expecting a boy, and have a girl. 🙂


Tanza gave you a good one, "Vice Versa". You were expecting a boy, and have a girl. 🙂

i was just thinking that.

she's very cute. of course if you're a downton abbey fan, you'll know who Violet is. She's a basenji. I mean she's quick witted, has the very best lines, a bit "entitled" (or arrogant), and is the center of her family. See, she's a basenji.

Vivian Leigh (call name Scarlet??)

First Basenji's

"Vice versa" is awesome hahah makes so much sense!! Congrats btw she is soooo cute her colors def remind me of some kinda candy as u described in ur first post, I'm thinking twix haha. I wanted a brindle girl and got a black and white one instead! Regardless of color its about who they are.. LOVE BUGS ❤

Yes, Vice Versa would be really cute…. Meisterhaus Vice Versa!

LOL or cheat and make it Vi Viane.

Vexing Vixan – could call her vex, vix, Xan etc.

The only V halloween I can think of is vampire and you do NOT want to go there.

LOL dear spirits.. a list of V words

LOVE Vice Versa…... Vibrant Venus (I know I am stuck on Venus)...... one day I am going to name a puppy Yin and Yang.....

I like the Va-Va-Voom: Ava, Virtue and Vice: Emma, and the Vice Versa. The last is especially fitting as a red boy became the brindle girl. Funny how things work out…we also thought red boy and got the tri girl.

What's her personality like? There may be a name which really fits what she's like.

She is so beautiful - all those really cute wrinkles - the brindles are the cutest! Watch her and listen to yourself for a couple of weeks, and the name will keep showing up when you least expect it.

LOVE Vice Versa, too– it's very cute and very very fitting! Not sure what the Hollywood call name would be? Victor Victoria-- LOL.

Unfortunately, Vampira is spot on. She is bigtime teething and so mouthy. Her little gums are really bothering her, poor baby. She lost her first tooth yesterday-- and is 13 weeks old today!

The name she is responding best to is Zuzu-- and the VVs I've been trying to work out are:

Meisterhaus Deja Vous Deja Vu

And then there's:

Meisterhaus Virtue and Vice

Meisterhaus Va-Va-Voom

Meisterhaus Vice Versa

LOL-- the whole litter is now named!

Krunzer, Meisterhaus will be having a YY litter next year. Could there be a little Yin and Yang waiting for you? It's a wonderful name!


What's her personality like? There may be a name which really fits what she's like.

She's very sweet and playful– always on the go so maybe her name should be Va-Va-Vroom or Vroom Vroom! She's also very clumsy-- bumping into things at full speed, tripping over her own feet and not really able to navigate stairs. I'm trying not to be a helicopter mom, but she just keeps taking tumbles. And here we are starting puppy agility class in March. LOL!

Your Kaia is from the TT litter, right? What did you end up choosing as her registered name?

I like Ava…

You should just call her Zoom, lmao!

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