First long walk…what a success!

  • Much to my surprise, when I took Zuri out to the front yard ( it was raining)on a leash in hopes that she might pee, she decided that she was in the mood for a stroll. She hapily walked in the puddles down the street. I was not prepared to go for a walk in the rain, had my flip flops on and no jacket but I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to take the wee one out in the rain if she was in the mood….so out we went and wet we got! Then this morning, I decided if I had a basenji that wasn't afraid of the rain, we were goint out again...and she was great though it was only a short walk both times.
    Today, I took Zuri for a long walk and what fun we had. She was awesome with all the other dogs we encountered on our walk (4 of them, all shapes and sizes from a chihuaua to a golden retriever) She walked well on the leash most of the time and responded well when I stopped as she pulled the leash, she came back to me. She had no clue that I was totally lost or at least she never let on that mamma was a bad navigator! Anyhow, we had a blast and boy did she sleep when we got home!!! Feeling good about how well she is learning already..oh, and she now knows how to 'sit' and almost knows the 'down' command.

    Proud mamma here!!!!:) 😃 🙂

  • That sound super…. way to go!!!!

  • Great!!! A Basenji that likes the rain…go figure!!!!

  • Wonderful. You got a great one there.

  • I don't know if I can dub her a Basenji that likes the rain yet…but i am hoping so. Keep in mind that the rain in the back yard is VERY different from the rain on the streets and in the park....or so she seems to think because there is no way I can get her to go out back without me standing in the rain with her.

  • A B that can think outside of the box, thats great! Mine has a little yellow raincoat.

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