• Whenever it's time to take Dingo for a walk, and if it's me taking him it means he's going to the park to run run run which he loves of course. My phsycho dog will play this crazy game where he'll run away from me in the house when it's time to put his harness on. It's not like the harness is too tight or hurting him in any way and he knows he's going to go off leash in about 5 minutes once we get to the park. He'll get close to me and and kind of "paw" at me like a cat would do and not until I get very stern with him will he get close enough so I can put the harness on. He even knows that I've got a pocket full of doggy treats but that's not enough to persuade him. This is one ritual that I can do without!

  • best suggestion is desensitize him from what the harness means, start putting it on him at random times and then not go out. Then work to putting it on him and not going to the park but on a regular walk, and keep doing it, of course throw in there of actual park time.

    Try just setting it on your coffee table at one point, then a little later scoop him up and put the harness on, then just leave it at that, take it off him later. Then set the harness somewhere else another time, then scoop him up and put it on again at random.

  • rocky LOVES going outside.. and he will NOT come to me to get his collar/leash on! lol he runs around like he wants me to chase him.

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