Switching between freeze dried raw and freezer raw

  • So I've had my puppy on a raw food diet the past 3 weeks and she doing really really well with it…much better than how she was doing on kibble it seems like. She also enjoys it much more as well which is nice because sometimes with the kibble, she wouldn't eat all the food.

    Right now she is on Instinct Raw freezer food but I also have some freeze dried raw food from Primal Pet. My question is, switching back from freeze dried to freezer dried (same base though, chicken), do you think that will cause her stomach to be upset like it does when switching different types of kibble?

  • let me add some more context on this…so my parents are very religious and vegetarian due to their beliefs. My mom doesn't like any meet products in the fridge, so its difficult to bring the freezer stuff when I take her to my parents place. Hence, the freeze dried question 🙂

  • As long as she have been on both, should not be a problem….

  • From what I know, as much variation as possible is very beneficial: 3-4 types of animal over a 2 week period. And as for your parents: dogs are meat eaters, it's the Way of Nature…

  • Kjdoners… the parents don't mind the dog EATING meat, just putting it in their freezer. 🙂 People who keep kosher would have similar issues unless really securely sealed.

    I totally agree, dogs who eat only one thing are the ones who have issues. Changing it up, giving a good variety even, they are fine. I would give them some freeze dried at home also sometimes so they are really used to both.

  • First Basenji's

    I have been feeding raw for over 15months and from what I have read and understand, the enzymes are different for digestion of raw vs kibble. as long as the freeze dried is 'raw' then there should not be any major problems. But all dogs are different. If she doesn't do well, then maybe you can just run to the nearest store and get some chicken gizzards/hearts/or wings/things whatever just for each daily mealtime and keep it in a portable cooler on ice in the garage or shed…? is this possible? Then have your girl eat it outside somewhere. Lots of time consuming scenario I know.....

  • so I went with the variation advice and have had great results so far….now, right now I'm just doing it between freeze dried and freezer, but may think about slowly mixing in kibble and then putting that in the variation too. I have a bag of taste of the wild (which she really liked) so I guess we'll see how it goes!

  • well..figured I should update as well, so right now I switch between freezer dried, freeze dried, and kibble…seems to work great for her!

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