• Old man would like to have a free puppy doesent need to be perfect
    many years ago i read a saturday evening post mag. Story about a basinji an d i have wanted one since

  • Albert, a good place to start looking for a Basenji is BRAT… http://www.basenjirescue.org/ …they will make sure your right for a Basenji & help you find the Basenji that's right for you. It may take a little bit longer to reach your goal, but when you do, you'll know how worthwhile the wait was.

    There's so much more to a Basenji then what could have been published in the post, so take your time to learn as much as you can before excepting the responsibility. The right Basenji will expose you to a world like no other....they'll make you laugh, cry, sing and dance all the while showing you love, loyality and a side of yourself you never knew existed.

    Good luck and keep us posted..!!

  • Ditto srjeeper's reply! Do make sure they are the right breed for you, and you'd probably be better off with one a little out of the "puppy" stage. I am 72, have one P/B basenji and a basenji/sheltie mix, and they are quite a handful at times. Their antics and personalities are very entertaining, and sometimes very trying. Still, so long as these old shoulders and knees will deal with it, I love them to bits and hopefully they will continue making me feel young. NOT your quiet, cuddly couch potato type of dog!

  • I second the notion that a puppy might not be the right fit. There are many mature ones out there that need homes, and would (hopefully!) be less of a hassle, although some Basenjis never seem to outgrow the "puppy" stage! 🙂

    BRAT is a good site to start your research, perhaps right here:


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