Basenji needed

Sorry if I am repeating myself

I’ve been fortunate to have have 2 basenji’s a year apart.

One died at aged 5 which was horrendous and still today I miss my little boy.
My second has had a wonderful life and still at age 15 still energetic and if you didn’t know you would think she was a puppy

My life and children couldn’t imagine life without this wonderful breed. I need a companion wether this be a puppy or young adult

Please can anyone help me

@jodymp have you submitted applications to the rescues for dogs? There are three Basenji specific rescue groups that might be able to help

You can also contact breeders as they sometimes have young adults that they will not be using in their breeding programs that they may be looking for a forever home.... go to and search by state. The website for basenji rescus is

@jodymp another post you sent stated you were in Yorkshire... so, are you looking for a pup in Europe? Do you have a specific region, or a distance range where you are focusing your search?

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