• should have added:

    i don't use all of the above all the time. usually 2 or 3 of the heated insert pads are plugged in

  • First Basenji's

    No problem I just wanna help! 🙂 Because Basenjis are the BEST!

  • I feel your pain, Bellinduh! I recently bought a house in the country and my heating choices are wood stove or propane ($$$). A few points that haven't been raised:
    1. Remember that hot air rises, and most drafts are near the floor. So raise the crate off the floor on a folding table or something. It's cold near the floor!
    2. I have insulated crate covers (a blanklet works too) and leave the side near the stove rolled up.
    3. Put the crate near a sunny south window.
    4. Put the crate in a smaller room that's less expensive to heat, close the door, and turn down the heat in the rest of the house.

  • @vickayx:

    What about one of those electric fire places you can keep it in the room she is in. My parents used to have one for zone heating so they didn't have to spend money heating rooms they are not in and keep the door partially closed so they heat is contained. Also they are really pretty!

    Just found this on bradsdeals dot com and thought of this thread. It is from 2/2/13. be sure to use the code for the best deal (read the comments on the bradsdeals website)

    This LifeSmart 1000W Electric Home Fireplace/Stove drops from $97.95 to $64.99 via exclusive code BRADSTOVE at VM Innovations. Plus, shipping is free. The best price we could find anywhere else is $102! It features 2 infrared heating elements, a cool touch exterior, 3400 BTUs of max heat, and it heats up to 800 sq ft. There is no sales tax (except PA, NV and NE).


  • First Basenji's

    Thats a good deal!

  • @vickayx:

    Thats a good deal!

    yea, i wish i had a place for it!

  • There are a number of sites online with either heated dog beds alone, or heated pads for Igloo's or crates. The one that I think has the best and least expensive beds or pads is TheUncommonDog.com. They have a warmer pad that fits inside the current crate and simply heats up to the normal temperature for a dog, so she would probable be happy, warm and comfortable.

  • I'm kind of late joining in here, but I live in South Dakota and I keep my thermostat between 50 and 60 in the winter because I prefer it that way. I might bump it up to 65 if it's bitterly cold (sub zero) and windy, but otherwise I'm happy as a clam at 50-60 indoors. The dogs truly don't seem to be bothered, they adapt same as anything else.

    There are throw blankets everywhere, and extra blankets in the dog crates for when I'm not home to be snuggled with. I do have space heaters which I may bump on in the mornings to take the chill out of the air, so the Basenjis aren't shocked when they ooze out from under the warm bedcovers. And if anyone gets sick or has an upset tummy or something, I'll go ahead and put a heater on near the crate or something, as even I don't like to be cold when I'm sick…...but otherwise my dogs seem just fine with how I keep it in here.

    But if your dogs don't seem to adapt or you don't feel comfortable keeping them at that temp, the aforementioned suggestions of heating pads, etc are great ideas 🙂

  • @Woofless:

    The dogs truly don't seem to be bothered, they adapt same as anything else.

    I think that's true of any animal, but the trade off is they will generally grow more winter coat. Certainly the girl I had when I lived in North Bay had an impressive amount of fur for a Basenji! 😉

  • Oh, I never think about that. I'm the one getting cold, not the basenji. He curls up in blankets in the couch by himself, while I sit by the closest heater. :p

  • I live in Arazona, US, now it is too cold for me but Basenji feels good enough to bear such cold, so this is fine to Basenji below normal temperature.

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