• Oakley turned two Novemer 30th and I just got his vet reminder in the mail. He is due for his annual physical. I have heard a lot on the forum about two years being a bigger than normal visit and it's recommended to get a bloodwork panel drawn up to keep as a baseline for their future. I'm also aware that Oakley is mature enough to get his hips xrayed for OFA results. Please chime in for what you would request be appropriate for a 2 year checkup, I don't want to miss anything or any opportunities.

  • I do blood at 1yr as a base line, so certainly I would do it for him now at 2. And yes, he is old enough for hips. Other thing you might consider is full thyroid panel

  • Great point Pat that I forgot to include but meant to. When I tell the dr I want a FULL thyroid panel will they know that means (and I think this is what's its called) T3 and T4?

  • @Chealsie508:

    Great point Pat that I forgot to include but meant to. When I tell the dr I want a FULL thyroid panel will they know that means (and I think this is what's its called) T3 and T4?

    What you need to tell them is that you want a full panel that is sent out to an approved OFA Lab for thyroid. Here is the OFA link for both you and the Vet (form to be filled out and instructions)

    And here are the labs that do the testing: http://www.offa.org/thy_labs.html

  • Thanks Pat! I'm actually excited to get his hips done (its a very silly thing to be excited about but I can't wait to see the rating…no actual need other than coursing and health (he's neutered, definitely not breeding, conformation etc). I just soak in any chance to know more about him

  • You might want to also check dog shows in your area to see if a CERF clinic being offered.

  • Not Chealsie508, but I know from past posts that Oakely has been seen by a Vet Ophth for eye issues already.

  • Yes, Oakley has an Opthamologist ( which I don't even have one!) and even though Dr. Abrams said it wasn't completely necessary to be seen once a year, I am taking him in May at which time he will be re-Cerf'd. One thing we didn't address when dealing with his dystrophy was that one of his eyes has a bluish ring to it…I'd like that to be adressed now to ease concerns. I don't think ( at least for this year) I'll have his patellar or elbows done...perhaps next year.

    Right now he is looking at me and I swear e is sayin "I'm fine just leave me alone!!!"

  • Patellas are easy, your regular Vet can do them during his regular check up. Takes about one minute… it is not x-rays... it is just a manual (hands) test

    If you are doing hips and especially if your vet will not do it without putting him under, makes sense to have it all done at the same time. OFA gives a little discount (if I remember right) for submitting both at the same time.

  • Good point, didn't realize patellas were hands on..of that's the case I mine as well submit for hips and elbows at the same time, my vet said that they try to do it without anesthesia however both him and I know the ONLY way it will be possible to attempt it awake is if I was the one handling him! Even I feel the chances of getting good positioning from him awake and relaxed is nearly zip…unfortunately

  • You will be surprised… both my girls were done awake... they don't really have to relax, just need to be able to put them on their back and extend the hind legs straight out..... I helped with both my girls, I held the head, Vet and techs did the legs. Elbows are just lay on their side, fold one leg under and pull the other out straight (each side)

  • You should check with Eldorado to see if they know of any upcoming hip clinics. It would be a lot cheaper…

    And I have blood work done every year as part of my kids annual exams - for a baseline - and have their microchips scanned as well to make sure they are still readable.

  • Zest! was awake too. Of course from when I first got her as a puppy, I'd hand her off to people she didn't know, many times belly up. So when I handed her to the vet tech, belly up, it was a normal thing for her. Incidently, I have to say, the agility people are the best people I've found to help socialize a young puppy.

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