BRAGS from the UKC Shows this weekend

  • @agilebasenji:

    WOW! Congrats!
    I've never done UKC - what did you like about it? (I mean other than all the winning) and what did you find lacking?

    It is way laid back… seriously laid back, no professional handlers permitted, certainly way, way smaller than AKC shows (usually under 75 entries total. Most everyone is very friendly, the people that run the shows are very helpful if you have never been before, 4 shows in two days, made for some long days, but this was a new club and their first show. They have classes for spay/neutered... While they have bred by, the other adult classes are by age 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and over 3 (I think I have that right).. and then they have Bred By also. And you get to see breeds that are not AKC...

    There was not much that I didn't like about it... and it is a great place to start a young dog, especially if they are a bit of a flake. Some of the judges do not permit bait or squeaky toys, but I have been told there are not too many like that. And they will usually post if bait is OK or not.

    Unlike AKC shows now days, it is pretty much a full day (but they don't start till 10am unless you are not pre-entered as they have day of entries and you need to be there earlier for that. So you really get to sit around and talk with people... Sometimes I miss that at AKC shows, people come, show and race off... ME included... 🙂

  • sounds like fun. thanks for the info.

  • LOL… I know I have most likely missed stuff... but that is what I remembered from the weekend... it was a fun two days. You do need to be there at the start of the show, as there are not "ring times"... just start times... and you don't know till then what breed/group is starting.... but it still was fun....

  • sounds like it's just missing a place to sign up for what you're bringing to the potluck!

  • Yep, agilebasenji, that does describe it pretty well! I agree with Pat, the UKC shows are a lot of fun, and plenty of time to sit and chat or watch other breeds that you may be less familiar with. I loved seeing the standard sized parti color poodle! And NO hair spray, gel, other products allowed, which means you actually get to see and feel the coat, not the product. UKC was also where I got to see my first Decker Rat Terrier, looks very much like a Basenji with a docked tail! They also have agility, obedience, even weight pulling at some shows.
    Congratulations on your great weekend, Pat!


  • Congrats! Those are wonderful wins.


  • WTG Pat and dogs. 🙂

  • Many congratulations on your wins.

  • Congrats! Pretty basenjis.

  • First Basenji's


    where I got to see my first Decker Rat Terrier, looks very much like a Basenji with a docked tail!

    funny you should mention Decker Rat Terriers. I will be graduating Lexie from Obedience and here is a pic of her and Uzie. The first time I saw one in person and found myself daydreaming of a future family member/companion for Uzie. She sure has the moves when they are chasing each other, and so fast! Her coat is very fine and smooth, not saying I don't just love the wrinkles of my B boy! She is taller and her body is longer as well…They make a cute couple, eh?

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