• I remember reading awhile back about a meetup at a dog park in Tampa on Sundays. Does this still happen? If so I'd love to bring my 8 month old boy, Finn. He is very, very playful and gets along well with other dogs. I'm down in Sarasota so I probably couldn't make it a regular thing but I'd love to come every once in a while, and hopefully tomorrow!

  • Yes they still meet up. I took Loki months ago and he loved it. I've been planning on going again since June but something always comes up. He's about 9 months now and I'm sure would love to play with your boy, maybe we'll catch each other there some time.

  • Just saw this, no one went yesterday, it was a rain out! We would love to meet you and Finn, hopefully same time as Loki, then the youngsters can play together. Some days we have a lot of basenjis, some days only a few, always 6 or 7 at least. My 3 are older so not much into play, but there are several other younger 'players'!

    Google Hillsborough County Parks, "West Park Dog Park" the site has excellent directions. From Sarasota, come up I 75 to I 4, go west, it merges with I 275. exit on Dale Mabry northbound and go north past Raymond James stadium to Hillsborough ave., exit and go left (west) about 2 miles to Hesperdes (3rd light I think) turn right (north) and go about 8 blocks to Jean street, turn left and at the end of a very long block you will be facing the park. If the lot is full, go right and you will see another entrance to a larger parking lot. We gather at the far left of the 'big' park, Sundays from around 11 till 2 or 3, or 4, depends on the crowd and the weather.

  • Great, thank you! I can't make it out today but hopefully next weekend.

  • We got to meet Finn yesterday, what a delightful little guy! Unfortunately we all had to leave early so he only got an hour's play, but wow, he and Theo had a blast. If Loki, Finn and Theo all come at the same time…look out, world. Great to meet you, Katie!

  • I hope Loki and I make it out there this month. I'm thinking this weekend depending on the weather (what is up with the rain this year?!) or the following Sunday. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and see how everything goes.

  • Super, hopefully Kera can come…let me know (e-mail) if you know for sure and I'll e-mail her so Theo can be there too. Those cousins will have a blast. If Finn comes too...look out! Too bad y'all aren't closer, you in Orlando and Finn in Sarasota.

  • Hi,

    I am a Finnish Basenji breeder and have moved to Tampa, FL, for the next 5 months with my family.

    Our two Basenjis (Jallu - import from GB - and Morgan - import from the USA) are back in Finland, so we are missing them terribly! We are now living in Hillsborough, on Bayshore blv, and would love to meet up with Basenji people here in Tampa during our stay.

    I have also volunteerd at the Tampa Animal Shelter and am looking forward to helping out there.

    Do you Basenji owners here in Tampa still organize Sunday walks or such somewhere close by?



  • Has anyone contacted you about the meetups? I believe you posted recently on the BBR Yahoogroups list.


  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your reply. I was told on the BBR too to join the local outings on Sundays, but apparently it does seem like there are no breeders here. So will just have to drive over to the park! Hopefully already today - if my husband does not play golf too long this morning… 🙂

  • Hello Tia! I am one of the Sunday Basenji group, we would love to have you join us to get your "fix" of basenjis.

    We love on Davis Island and usually go to the Davis Island park around sunset with our three. The Sunday Group meets at West Park Dog Park, if you Google it in Hillsborough County Parks it will show you a good map of how to get there, It is about 8 miles from you to the north-west. We have off leash dog parks so the dogs can run about and play together.

    None of us are breeders, most have rescued dogs or re-homed dogs, all our dogs are altered, all get along wonderfully. We usually have 8 to 12, occasionally more. We meet around 11 am on Sunday mornings and if the day is nice, we may stay there for 3 or more hours.

    Feel free to call me, 813-352-1344. (Anne)

  • Hi Anne and MacPack,

    Thanks so much for your reply! We live on Bayshore blv so we are practically neighbours then :-).

    It will be really great to see Basenjis and their owners here! Unfortunately, I just got sick so it will take a few days for me to get back on my feet again, but hopefully we, too, can be there in the park next week!

    All the best from the "mainland" :-),


  • I hope you feel better soon, my husband has been sick, finally feeling a bit better. Yes, we are neighbors! Bayshore is a lovely place to live.

    We had 10 or 12 basenjis there today, it was a quiet, grey almost-rainy day. We are there every Sunday so anytime you join us you will at least get to visit with a few basenjis. When you come into the larger park, turn to your left, we go all the way to that end of the park where it is quieter, but we are not readily visible from the gate. Our group sets up chairs and water for the dogs at a picnic table.

    Look forward to meeting you and sharing our basenjis with you.


  • Tia, This Sunday will be COLD (by Florida standards) so while we will probably go to the park for awhile, we may not stay long!


  • Anne, Kaia is done with puppy shots and my ankle is finally well enough that we should be able to make it out there sometime in the next few weeks. Friends of ours we also have 2 B's have been thinking of going over sometime too. I'll email you when we know for sure when we can get out there so Loki can play and everyone can meet our new addition 🙂

  • Super Tana, can't wait to meet the new puppy! If you all come together we'll have a big puppy party. Let me know if you have lead time, my phone number is 813-352-1344!


  • Hi Anne,

    Thanks so much for the warning! I am so very much looking forward to meeting you all - miss terribly Basenji yodelling and tail-wagging. It seems so strange when nobody is here now shredding all of our kleenexes and socks…:-)

    My husband will probably be attending a golf competition (at MacDill, I think...) this coming Sunday, so it will probably mean joining your walk only next week, but if he should get cold feet before the golf match, we'll definitely be at the dog park :-).


  • Happy, happy - My husband's golf tournament has been postponed, so we too can come to the dog park already this Sunday!

    Hope to see you all there!


  • Great! We may not get there till 11 or 11:30, waiting for it to warm up. Hopefully you can come often, when we have a big group (may be small due to weather Sunday).
    TMartin, who posted above, has 2 basenjis, her new pup is a Miesterhouse basenji and can't wait to meet hie, they live in Orlando and come only every few months.

    Anyway, see you Sunday!

  • We may all be able to get over there on the 17th, I'll know for sure in the next week or so. We were hoping to get over there sooner than now, prior to Kaia arriving, but then I had to go and break my ankle 😞

    I'll definitely let you know when we have a day set that way we can see if Theo can be there too. Three 1-year old boys…that would be interesting!

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