• Organizer Username: blkavatr
    Public Meetup Location: Maryland / DMV-area off-leash dog parks
    Address: Maryland City Dog Park, Heurich Dog Park, or other suggestions!
    Planned date and time: May / June (ongoing?)

    Additional details: Hi folks! Amahle has been missing her litter mates since I got her and doesn't play much with other dogs when I take her to local parks. Although I haven't had the chance to socialize her a ton due to the pandemic, she was socialized at an early age and gets along fine with other dogs. I'm hoping that taking her to a MeetUp with other Basenjis will get her more active, less lonely, and looking forward to outdoor time. We're located in Central Maryland and hoping to meet up (masked and socially distant) with other Bs in this area but are also willing to meet folks halfway if you're a little outside of this area and want to join.

  • I would love to join. I'm in Fairfax but am will to drive to a location agreed upon. I have a 1 1/2 year old male B who is super socialized and loves the Basenji play style.

  • I take my Basenji to day care once a week she plays hard gets exercise sleeps great that night.
    They seperate by size

  • @jdambro Awesome, I'm excited to hear that! I'll send you a chat for your availability!

  • @sakuhn62 Thanks, Sakuhn, I'm looking for a cost-effective option right now, but always have day care in the back of my mind. I'll give that a try if the meet-up doesn't work out.

  • When I took my last two Basenjis to the dog park they never played well or left me very far. I took them to a day care with out me and they played like craze. They don't haft to protect you when your not there

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