7/26 Tampa - West Park Basenji Gathering

  • Here are some pics from the dog park this past Sunday. We had a large group of basenjis and owners. We actually had more females than males which is pretty unique for our usual group.

    This is the West Park (Paw Park) of Tampa. It is a really large dog park and we are in the large dog section. We meet every Sunday at this park around 11am if anyone ever wants to meet other basenjis and owners.

    Eshi and Molly (sisters)

    Caesar, Cairo (my two boys) and Callie

    Jack (Callie's buddy at home)


    Nicki, Eddie (part of the MacPac) and Cairo- crummy photo-cell phone pics


    Nicki (alpha female of the pack)

    Topper (alpha male of the pack)


    Savanah was there as well, but I couldnt get her to stay still for a photo OP. Here is an old pic at the park of her.

  • What a great time you all must of had!! I am soooo jealous. Wish I could other b owners here in Knoxville to have get togethers.

  • That's great! It really looks like all the B's where getting along and all had fun.
    That's so cool…...🆒

  • It was pretty entertaining. We had the old bitches (2 )who are always in charge. The old men (4), the young women (3) and Cairo as the resident puppy, and Molly the shepard and basenji in training.

  • So happy everything is working out for you and Savanah. How did she react when she saw you? I imagine she's still on the mend with her spay. Did she obey doctor's orders?

  • Yes, Savanah has been doing well. She was fixed on Monday and has been with John (new owner) since. He has really been doing well with her. She met us on Sunday and I think it was good for her to see Cairo and Caesar again.

    I took her home with us. John is out of town until Thursday, so Savanah is having a grand ole' time with the boys.

  • Oh that's good news! It's a good John has a reliable dog sitter. Reciprocation is also a blessing. 😉

  • Ha! I doubt his cats could handle 3 basenjis!

    The park is always a blast. It helps us all understand basenji behaviors.

  • Great photos, I think you got one with all 10 basenjis in it! The 3 young girls wanted to run and play, but also needed to establish some pecking order, which they did with just a few sqawks, no contact, just noise. My Nicky refereed them, getting between any 2 that looked like they "didn't agree", and very shortly all 3 girls were running and chasing, quite a wonderful thing to see. The older ones lounged in the shade, the youngsters ran and wrestled and chased pesky, very dumb squirrels. Many of these dogs know each other well, but there are a few newcomers that fit right in. "Sunday Services" at the dog park are just wonderful!

    Anne with Topper, Nicky and Fast Eddie

  • Thank you for the pics, looks like a wonderful time!!!

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