Basenji groups in NY/CT?

Hello! My husband and I are the proud owners of our first basenji named Maverick (he is 8 mo.) …he has been the best thing we've ever decided on! I would love to have him see/meet up/interact with other basenjis that meet up for events, play, activities on a regular basis (once every couple months or so..). Any basenji groups relatively local to CT (we are in Danbury, CT)??? We would of course be willing to drive a bit on a weekend for a day full of fun and play for Maverick! 🙂 He is our pride and joy! Yep, Basenji's are THE BEST!

I have a 7 1/2 month old little girl, in North Haven and would love to play one day. Maybe Southbury O&G?

I met another basenji this weekend and we have a playdate tonight. Can't wait! Hope you can join us one day!

Hello!!! I would like to say that I think the little Basenji playdate went well- Lewie is snuggled up as we speak, gently snoring on the couch…

This would be awesome to have a CT Basenji group- I always get jealous of some of pictures of larger Basenji meet-ups!!

Greta was quite tired when we got home! Thanks for playing Lewie! I was thinking about setting up a group for basenjis in CT on Im wondering if anyone else would be interested enough that way we can get even more B's together.

Hey guys! That is great that you two found eachother and met up! We would LOVE to meet up very soon, when do you think you'll be getting together next? I know Maverick would love it, and cannot wait to see how he reacts/interacts with some of "his own" 🙂 Southbury dog park sounds good…..or where ever there's a fence! I know we are definitely available next weekend....
Also, I think it's a great idea to get a CT based basenji group together and am definitely interested. Let me know if you get anything started! 🙂

I have drill the first weekend of October but the next weekend I'm free. Whatdya think?

We are definitely available either Sat. or Sun. the weekend of the 8th and would love to meet up….is Lewie available too? 🙂

Lewie is not available on the 8th (family thing…) but the 9th might work out. Let me check with Lewie's daddy to be sure...

Wonderful! The only thing I have to say negative about Southbury is that it's only fenced on three sides. The property is huge and I've never had a problem, even with my new little girl. If that makes either of you nervous I'm open to suggestions of other places to meet. Wethersfield Dog Park is a nice one also, and they have running water there.

I live in CT and I am currently looking to get a Basenji puppy. 🙂 Where did you get your puppies? How much did you pay for them?

My little girl is a BRAT (basenji rescue and transport) baby. She came from Virginia. You should check out their website.

Go to and then to breeder referral. You can see all breeders that are current members of the Basenji Club of America and contact them about a puppy.

I would definitely prefer fenced as Lewie has a special place in his little basenji heart for motorcycles… Do either of you know a place that somewhere between our locations? Seems to be about 1 hr to all the parks Maverick's Mom has suggested...

Ah, that's right I forgot about that. Greta climbs right over fences anyways, she thinks they are "suggestions" as to where she should stay. I did a little research and found this park. It's in Shelton and I didn't see anything that said residents only, like the Trumbull park where you need a resident parking sticker. Probably 30-35 minutes for all of us.

So are we all down for meeting in Shelton? That would definitely be a better trip for us…



We don't want to end up being the only basenji there

I'm down, and if Maverick can come Shelton will work. What time works for you two?

Sometime in the early afternoon?? Maybe 1ish? Still waiting to hear from Maverick's Mom….

1:00 sounds good. I guess shelton if we hear from mavericks mom, or else Hamden if we don't.

Sounds like a plan… see you "somewhere" tomorrow

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