Anyone in Staten Island/Ny area?

My girl is 8 months old and id love for her to meet another Basenji! She is crazy playful and she is spayed. Anyone around here?

Are you aware of the New York City Basenji Meetup? We meet monthly in (mostly Manhattan) dog runs for a few hours. Most meetups have 6-8 Bs and their humans. You're welcome to join us if your girl is comfortable at a city dog run.

We had the August meetup today (in Brooklyn). Learn more and join us at:

Thanks! I just joined had no idea about it. I drove for 5 hours to go meet with some basenjis to see if i would have an allergic reaction. Wish i knew about this place before haha. Unfortunately i missed todays meetup, count on me to be there next month!. Do i have to sign up anywhere? Do you email me where to go or will it be on that website?

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