• My girl is 8 months old and id love for her to meet another Basenji! She is crazy playful and she is spayed. Anyone around here?

  • @Mikecherves
    Are you aware of the New York City Basenji Meetup? We meet monthly in (mostly Manhattan) dog runs for a few hours. Most meetups have 6-8 Bs and their humans. You're welcome to join us if your girl is comfortable at a city dog run.

    We had the August meetup today (in Brooklyn). Learn more and join us at:

  • Thanks! I just joined had no idea about it. I drove for 5 hours to go meet with some basenjis to see if i would have an allergic reaction. Wish i knew about this place before haha. Unfortunately i missed todays meetup, count on me to be there next month!. Do i have to sign up anywhere? Do you email me where to go or will it be on that website?

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