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My Basenji is also obsessed with chasing squirrels (and cats). I've tried reprimanding her (that works for about 3 seconds), but her attention still stays focused on the prey at hand…LOL What I recently started doing, when she sees the squirrel and goes into chasing mode, I turn the opposite direction and start running with her until we are far enough away from the squirrel that she no longer cares about it. she starts enjoying her run with me so much that she forgets about it. 🙂

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Hello All! we are new to this forum. I adopted my crazy Luna (actually she chose me!), from a local animal shelter nearly 6 months ago. I knew nothing about the Basenji breed and she is still slowing teaching me… 😉 Luna is my first dog and wants to make sure that she is the ONLY child in the house. So far I have discovered that she loves to chase squirrels, tease birds and really hates cats. As for other dogs, she snarls, howls and lowly barks at them (she complains alot!) but after I scold her, she sometimes will let them approach. Sometimes she is a lot of work but I love my little 5yr Luna!

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I adopted a Basenji Female (estimated 5yrs old) 6 months ago from the animal shelter. She is wonderful and crazy at the same time..LOL Would be great to get together with other Basenji's.- she's really good with people but a little shy (pretends to be aggressive but mainly just barks/ yodels) at other dogs. I'm on the Shoreline in Branford.

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