• Anyone in Connecticut interested in getting together for a little Basenji picnic? Games, treats, running? They should sleep for days after!! 😉

  • I'm in CT! Wethersfield! Where are you?

  • west hartford here but only in ct a few times a year, for holidays and random visits to see friends and family

  • In CT near Manchester and we will be interested in doggie play dates when Spring gets here! wubanga- where in VA? We go to harrisonburg and staunton a couple times a year to visit with friends and family! Our B will be going next time!

  • im in arlington a few mins from dc, my dad is a dog trainer in tolland ct and has experience with basenjis. there is an older one that comes to one of his social classes. he has an obstacle course and is a great trainer and also does boarding if needed. lemme know if u are interested in taking your basenji to a social class.

  • I am on the shoreline, near New Haven. Since my last post (oh so very long ago), I had one B, and now I am the proud owner of two. We rescued Buster last year. He can be a bit grumpy at times, but knows how to enjoy a good romp!

  • i know this is a old post but we're in groton ct, btw Family of Critters we originally from manchester

  • I currently live in CT, near New London. I am looking to get a Basenji, but I do not know where to find one! Where did all of you get your puppies from? How much did they cost?

  • Go to the Basenji Club of America website and breeder referrals to find breeders in your area to contact.

  • hi
    we got ours only by chance after checking all around we came across this place branford all pets club1-203-483-7387 they said they had a fem b/w well the rest is history 🙂

  • If this is a petstore, your breeder should be a USDA licensed commercial breeder who has done no health testing on the parents nor your puppy. Please have your dog tested for Fanconi, the genetic kidney disease. Could you please tell us the name of the breeder and the parents of your dog? Some of us might have dogs related to yours!


  • lindley creek kennel ,portis ks cindy clausen 48-a-0896 ks-a-123 , sire lc's ace of spades ,dam lc's woohoo ohmi these names were bold print, then there were a bunch of branchs with other names , i take it that its the pass dogs that were bred and got the to the ones in the bold print,is this the info you need ?
    thanks shes been tested for everything under the sun. $$$$:)

  • I'm in MA, but not too far from CT. I travel to the New London area every once in awhile. My brother and his wife have a shop there.

  • I adopted a Basenji Female (estimated 5yrs old) 6 months ago from the animal shelter. She is wonderful and crazy at the same time..LOL Would be great to get together with other Basenji's.- she's really good with people but a little shy (pretends to be aggressive but mainly just barks/ yodels) at other dogs. I'm on the Shoreline in Branford.

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