Anyone in Katy TX? (near Houston)


I would love to meet up with some other basenji here near houston TX/. Please let me know!



Many of the BRAT folk, who might not be on this list, live in Texas.
Maybe you should go to that site and see if they would like a play day.

We aren't there yet - but are retiring after this school year and moving to Montgomery. So we will be willing to meet up! Our daughter and son-in-law are in Shenandoah, near The Woodlands. They only have one Basenji now, and he's not much for playing anymore; he's decided he likes being an only dog and a couch potato.
And as Sharon said, there are several BRAT people; although I think most are in Austin or Dallas area.


There is a fellow on another basenji list with 2 or 3 basenjis, I'm pretty sure he still lives in Katy. I'll see if I can find any info for you.



We live around 290 and 1960, so just up beltway 8 from you. We are newbies here and in the B world, we just got Otis this past tuesday.



Hey! Thats great news! I hope I can post my email, its I would love to meet you.


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