• I dont know how many of you Tampa people read this forum. Thanks for a great day at the park.

    Today was Cairo's big day to meet the pack. He was very reserved and was almost eaten by a rescue greyhound that likes to eat running fast puppies that scream! LOL

    We survived that, and was it worth it! Cairo and Caesar played for about 4 hours with their basenji buddies…..

    And the cute little girl who I still have a hard time remembering, runs like the wind! 🙂

    Cairo has is rabies tag and is 14weeks old this week. He is a little guy of 11 lbs and loves to be cuddled. I am guessing he will be more playful and outgoing next week once he sees familiar faces!!

    All the female basenjis were super sweet to him. Oh, and the boy basenjis were all cool, but he is to young to join in the crazy runs through the park.....Cairo would sit at my feet watching them run like crazies!!

    Thanks again everyone!!

  • I'm going to be down to your area in June - w/out dogs though 😞 What day of the week is it 'basenji' day at the dog park - maybe it's when I'm there.

  • Awww where's the pics

  • we go every Sunday at 11ish…..

    Of course, I was the crazy mom who was so excited about the park that I was there at 10 and didnt leave until 2!!

  • Donald, the head of the MacPac takes fantastic pictures. Here is one he took of Cairo at the park….


  • Great picture…he is just beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful day...

  • Basenji owners and this breed are unlike any group I have met before. We have several owners that have had basenjis in thier lives for over 20years. They are great! They have so much experience not only with illnesses, death and birth, but behavioral advice as well.

  • Ok, so I guess talking about park fun without pictures is really not fair….

    I dont have this weeks park pics....but here is part of the basenji gang....

    Beta(passed in Jan) and Caesar - my kids

    Topper, Calli, Beta, and Nicki

    My little Beta her last day at the park…

    Caesar and a furry friend drinking water..

    Caesar after running around like a maniac…

    Caesar and Jack…

    Nicki trying to break up the boy fun…

    Now Beta and Nicki breaking up the fun….those silly girls, so snarfy....

    Topper getting in on the action…

  • These are wonderful action photos! So glad you're sharing them. Would be nice to take my kids to a park like this. I'm going to have to do some investigation in my part of the world.

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