• This morning I was checking out the Modern Dog website and came across a local ad on my screen for canine first aid.

    Has anyone else taken a canine first aid course?

    This one sounds quite good - they even have 'dummy dogs' with working lungs and pulses.


  • I think the Red Cross also offers a first aid class for pets. I have seen it in my area-Ohio.


  • First Basenji's

    Yes, I have taken a pet first aid course, definitely worth it. I looked at the link from the place that you intend to participate with and it is very similar to what I did. The 8hour course is intense and very informative. Practicing on a 'dog dummy' was very helpful. Highly recommend to any professional and/or dog owner. The first aid you give before the trip to the Vet's office could be life saving! and knowing what to do in an emergency takes away the 'fear' and you can be more calm for the dog in need. I am due for renewal as a matter of fact!!!

  • Deb, that sounds like a great class, did you take it locally? I would be interested in taking that class!

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