Possible Basenji Sleep over!!

  • First Basenji's

    I am so excited! My office manager has a Basenji she received her from friend a few months ago. She wasn't even aware of her breed but since I found out how close I am to another Basenji I was supper excited. I asked if we could do a play date but my manager isn't a puppy play date kind of person. Anyway my chance finally here, she was mentioning how she will board her dogs at a facility near our job and I offered to take her B and Jack Russel for 2 nights while she is away. I am so excited because Dolce is just a few months younger but will finally be able to communicate and Baroo to another dog that Baroo's! Hopefully this all works out. They are gonna meet soon to see how they get along.

  • Good call on the meeting before they come into your home. Good luck with everything.

  • oh that's so exciting!! i wish another basenji lived near us.

  • Be careful what you wish for … there's an older (10 yr?) tri bitch that lives a few blocks away from mine. At first sight of my beasties (4 years ago), she just wanted to tear their hearts out. The first couple of times I visited her owner, she would bite me! Ever since, if she just gets a glimpse of T and G, she goes nuts - though she is fine with me now.

  • First Basenji's

    They met up and it went fine… finally another dog that will chase and or wants to be chased hhaha. Bambi is the Basenji I am watching. I am also watching her friend Smoky a JRT but he isn't getting along as well as they are but hes gonna get plenty of love regardless! Its interesting observing a B who's been on her own for over 6 months now... verses a Basenji who was raised with a non Basenji breed. Bambi barks like her JRT friend Smoky also was not sure what to make of Dolce at first, seems like she forgot how to be a Basenji. She is red and white but seems rather short. Also her tail has a slight curl as my girls is very tight. She has her dewclaw's removed but since the origin of Bambi is not sure she could of been from any one anywhere . She gives lots of kisses which my dog does not... I have to bribe her for kisses. It's so fun watching them and getting into there natural B ways.

  • First Basenji's

    Today everyone is best friends including the JRT. They are running around like crazy having the time of their lives.. so exciting!

  • Great news! Hope the whole visit is super for everyone.

  • First Basenji's

    It is a blast to watch Basenjis play and interact with one another. They love to talk the talk and run the run!!!!

  • First Basenji's

    Bambi did not make any Basenji noise… she actually barked a little because she was raise with the JRT but everything else she was full on B loll!

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