My queen Nzinga Mbandi


After three lovely Dacshunds and two adorable American Sataffordshire Terrier - all pasted away at long age - I found the enigmatic Nzinga Mbandi. She is amazing and make me very happy.

She looks very sweet!


She looks very sweet!


Nzinga is sweet but at the end of the day she's very very very unstoppble. Look another photos.
Grets from Brazil. Andr?a and Nzinga.

She's beautiful, what does her name mean ?


She's beautiful, what does her name mean ?

Hello and thank you!. I don't know exactly what her name means. It's the name of an african warrior queen from Angola. You can't believe, but my Nzinga looks like a queen.

First Basenji's

Yes, she is beautiful, but if you look real close in her eyes…..! She's thinking....! Glad you found her, and yes, laughter is never ending daily, no matter how you really feel about the torn, broken, shredded,......!

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