Any basenji friendly boarding facilities either Houston or Georgetown/Roundrock TX?

  • Am planning on going to my "no dog in the house" sister's home for Xmas but not sure what to do with Thabo and Daisy (new rescue). Both are rate trained, but Thabo gets grumpy if confined all day. Daisy will cry if left alone so have some issues. May just have to make this a day trip.

  • I have several basenji friends in that area that may know of some, but most are not on this list. Terry Reed is on this list, maybe she will respond. I will see if I can get recommendations from them on facebook. I had an excellend home pet sitter for my basenjis when we lived in Harker Hts Tx. You should check with your vet to see if they have someone to recommend. There tended to be quite a few home type sitters in TX.

  • OK, have one friend in Houston who said she does some boarding, contact Edna Johnson in Houston-713-467-6739. She also has dog grooming there, not that basenjis need much:) Dog Boys Dog Ranch in Pflugerville is also recommended by another friend.

  • Thanks! I checked out the Dog Boys Dog Ranch, and it looked okay, but at $73/night, +$20/dog "analysis", and required turnout with strange playmates bas convinced me just to shell out for a hotel room. Sigh…. One grumpy Gus + relatives who ban dogs from the house (and not for health reasons) makes holiday travel annoying.

  • 😞 Sorry they have a no-dog policy. You might post on the brat board.. could be experienced folks in the area happy to board.

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