Guess my Basenji is NOT feline friendly

The neighbor's cat learned the hard way that Bella is not "Cat Friendly". The cat wandered into the yard Saturday and was immediately pounced upon. Luckily no injuries, just a lot of noise and swatting. After the cat broke loose, Bella gave chase and ran her up a very tall oak tree.


Wow, that is pretty high..
Otis does the same thing, except our kitty has shown him the claws a few times so he is more careful now..those claws hurt when they scratch that little nose.
Great picture.

Oh my goodness! Did Kitty get down okay?

Yeah, after I brought Bella in the house the cat came down pretty quickly. She didn't waste any time leaving our backyard either. 😉

Luckily the cat had a tree to go up!!! That is a great pic!

Indoors and outdoors are totally different things to a basenji. Trog is fine with a cat coming over to visit in the house, but outside it resembles a squirrel and will be chased. Love the photo.

Sounds quite the opposite… he obviously wanted to be friends with the kitty! He was just overly enthusiastic about it, and maybe went about it the wrong way 😃

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