• What do you do about flee and tick prevention? We're in Mass and have Lyme Disease here but are not giving Rye the vaccine. So, we are trying to decide about giving the Frontline or Advantix topical medicine or just checking for ticks when Rye comes in. We're weighing the choice of possible Lyme disease or giving Rye something toxic that could do who know's what to him later. He is good health but definetly gets stressed with the shots he has gotten as a puppy. We aren't homeopatic but do like to minimize the amount of medication we give him. Any opinions would help. Thanks

  • I give my B, Sahara, Frontline for flees and ticks, she has never had a tick, I like it.

  • I've used K9 Advantix (kills/repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos) here in Minnesota for the past two years (March through October) and have been happy with it. No Lyme's vaccine.

  • Our vet mentioned a heart-worm pill that has flea/tick control in it. I don't have the name but will be going back and putting him on it in a few weeks. I'll get the name.

  • I believe we used frontline on our B about 2 weeks ago. It was actually a drop we placed around his neck area. No needles.

  • We use K9 Advantix as well the vet recommended it.

  • do NOT use K9 Advantix if you have cats in your home that are close w/ your dog. it is very toxic (even fatal) to cats. My vet specifically advised me NOT to use it since I have 2 cats at home.

    (otherwise, it's a great prevention though)

    I also live in MA and did opt to get the lyme vac. I know a few dogs who have been recently diagnosed w/ Lyme here, so I got it for my dog when he went for his 1 yr checkup. (I was uncomfortable giving it to him as a wee pup)

    I use Frontline Plus for all my pets (1 B, 2 cats). I find it works well on all of them.(I live in a deer-tic infested area, and when using frontline, they seem to not bite the dog, or simply fall right off)

  • I use the advantix,but there is another one also. Since my cats cohabit downstairs and the dogs up this is not a problem. I still check for ticks though since they're very tough.

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