Question about Flea and Tick prevention.

  • Now that the warm weather is here we are hoping that the fleas and ticks won't be as bad as last year. We are rteally curious as to what is supposed to be the best and most effective for our B's. They are all free of heart worms and we check the 3 of them for ticks whenever they have been outside playing. What we really would like to know is if there is a topical flea and tick preventative that is reccommended for B's, since our 3 are always grooming each other, specially Baroo and Buddy. And I've never really been high on any given internally. If anyone has a suggestion, please pass it on to us, Thanks.

  • i cant say, i live on Mexico, here is a must! we have warm weather all year, and here on my city we have some really bad fleas.. so i use frontline and works super nice. If frontline can works with these evil fleas, i think will be a party on your place

  • I have almost exclusively used Frontline and frontline plus since it came out about 20 yrs ago. I switched to advantage one year but when back to frontline. I prefer the spray on formula. That said, I haven't had more than one flea in years. I treated dogs and yard and house when we moved here, treated the dogs every 3 mos. The next year, the next year, then I realized I hadn't SEEN any fleas the last year. So I treated the dogs in April and then in Oct as a preventative. Did that for a few years but never saw another flea unless I brought in a rescue. I keep a flea comb and check them often but they think it's just to annoy them as there are never fleas. So Frontline helped me kill those in my environment and they haven't moved back in. Oh except when they cleared a huge area near me and we got fleas, mice, possums…. sigh. But that was only that one summer, none since.

  • I 'spec mice and possums on a Basenji are pretty easy to see…;)

  • I also use frontline spray, it's easy to use a minimal amount and I spray Kaiser mainly along his back where he can't lick, he runs around like a nutter so will have to confine him next time as it was hit and miss last time as I was thinking if I did it outside he wouldn't smell it so much, wrong he hated the spray sound and the smell, did make me laugh heaps him running around like a crazy dog and me trying to spray him as he ran past. Have always only used it more through summer( especially with the cats snoozing outside then) and hardly through winter but he seems to pick up fleas on our walks so need to get a flea comb. Don't really like using anything but don't like fleas either.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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