• I have a 5 year Basenji and a recent rescue 10 month old Vizsla, hound mix and I needing some advice. My basenji had been on triflexis for a couple of months and had a bad reaction (she was lethrgic) then we were using a topical medication that was not working , My vet gave me a new medicine, nexgard and I came home and researched it and i did not see any bad reviews. They have been on it for maybe 6 months or so . Well I looked it up again and saw some horrible reviews on the product. I discontinued my use. I live on an island in florida with alot of wildlife etc.. Any advice?

  • Nexgard is only a few years old, seems relatively safe, and if your dog is fine after 6 mos, it may be fine. However, if you feel uncomfortable, I'd suggest that you switch to frontline plus or advantage ... spray not top spot. Safe, been around a really long time. I always avoid new drugs until they have been around several years.


  • Thanks so much for the advice ! Your link had lots of good information. I appreciate It!

  • You are welcomed! My basenji has issues with heartgard, but if i give her antihistamines first and continue every 6 hrs, she's okay.

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