Heartworm and Flea treatment comparison , cost?
First Basenji's

I have 3 basenjis, and when I traveled a lot and they were boarded, and I I used Heartguard for the heartworms and NexGard for flea control,which is very expensive. MY pack stay out side, they prefer that. I bath them occasionally , and we dog park about 2 a month, other than that they are not exposed to other dogs.

What do most of you owners use for Flea protection that's less expensive and works well?

For Heartworm I use NuHeart ivermectin made in NZ. About $13.00 for a 6 pack of pills, available on line and without a scrip from the Vet. I give one pill every 5 to 6 weeks year roung. Or you can use liquid ivermectin, I believe the dose is 1/2 cc every 6 wks, even cheaper.
For fleas/ticks I use Frontline Plus. Lucky that we don't have a real flea problem, so only have to use 2 or 3 times a year.
I would not use any of the chewable flea meds, I do not believe they are safe

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