• My B is not only my first basenji, but my first dog. I always thought dogs could eat just about anything. Zoe has proven me wrong.
    We don't allow her to eat people food - mostly for begging purposes, but over the years, whenever she gets into something it always makes her sick. Either vomiting or diarrhea or both! She's also very sensitive to changes in her dog food. One time my local pet store was out of her normal wet food (we mix a little in with her dry food), so I bought another brand. She vomited for two days!
    Anyone else have issues with this? Is this somewhat normal for basenjis?

  • This is not normal for Basenjis, but it can happen… typically, in my experience there is an under lying cause, but since she doesn't have any problems with what she is used to, could just be her... and that is not really a true statement about dogs "can eat about anything"... usually things they are not used to will cause tummy upsets...
    When you tried a different brand, did it have the same type of ingredients as the one you usually use?....

  • I'm not sure whether the ingredients were the same or not. That's certainly something to consider if I ever have to substitute what she's used to eating.
    We currently feed her Purina ProPlan for Sensitive Skin & Stomachs. She transitioned to it relatively event-free. And, has been doing well with it. It seems to keep her regular, too.

  • Have you aske her breeder about her siblings and if they have the same problem? Or if her Sire and/or Dam have had the same type of problems? Sometimes it does run in familes…

  • I don't know why I haven't thought to do that. I know the breeder has moved, but I think I can hunt her down.
    Thanks for the advise.

  • do you know if she is a member of BCOA? If so, I can find her in the roster if you are not a member….

  • We've had trouble with sensitive stomachs with ours over the years. Our first experience was one camping trip about 12 years ago. After a long hike, ice cream seemed like a nice treat on a hot day… hey I was young then! Good thing we were sleeping outside! Then another time, a trip to the in-laws became a diarrhea mess after our B got into their Alpo. All it took was 1 over eating frenzy on the stuff and she was sick for days. We always give ours the same exact food everyday. If we change food, we do so over a couple weeks of mixing 1/4 to 3/4, 1/2 to 1/2, then 3/4 to 1/4 while they get use to it. I can't say if this is true for all Bs but our first two sure didn't handle foreign food well.

  • Our little boy has had tummy probs before. He also doesn't do well in the car either. If he eats on stuff he's not supposed to on our walks he'll get a little loose bowl movement. This also happens if he gets too much wet food…so I can only put in about 1/4 cup or less mixed with his dry food.

  • Yep, Bella has a sensitive stomach!!! I've heard Basenjis may be prone to having tempermental tummies… Don't know if this is based on fact or not, but Bella sure fits the profile.

  • I think all dogs when not used to things can have tummy problems… however everyone should know that there are problems with our breed with IPSID and IBD and if this is something that continues well past just eating something they should not have, should be checked out... you can find info on Basenji Club of America site under health

  • I think, for Bella, IBS may be to blame… We have to be careful what we feed her. I can usually tell when her bellyache starts because she will want to eat grass. I hate to say this since it is gross, but she will have a semi-loose stool that looks like it has a sausage casing around it. After the strange stool, she gets diarreah and/or vomiting. Most of the time, it clears up fairly quick. But there have been a few times I have had to resort to Pepto Bismol and she HATES it!!! She maybe has an episode about once every other month or so...

  • We have the same issue…I use the Pepto in tablets & drop a half tablet into C3's food that usually helps the same day. Afterwards we drop a pepcid AC into his meal once a day.

  • I was going to ask if Pepto is safe for dogs. It has such a strong smell that Senji won't eat if even if I'm hiding it in food. His stool has been a little loose these 2 days. Usually I just let it run its course and give him a little oatmeal and plain yogurt. He was eating grass this morning, so I knew he had an upset stomach. The vet told me to give him a pepcid everyday, because his regular meds upset his stomach. He's supposed to be on a low protein diet because of his liver disease, but I cheated yesterday and gave him some ground sirloin. Serves me right!
    Is immodium OK for dogs?

  • Yes, immodium is OK for dogs…

  • I have given Dash 1/2 of an immodium for diarrhea and then repeat if it persists. If not back to normal after 2 doses I take him to the vet.

  • When I give them human medicine….I usually give the children's dosage

  • I love the suggestions of Pepto and Pepcid. I would never have thought to give them "people" medicine. For us, sometimes if Zoe's having loose stool, I will fix her a small portion of rice and that helps. Think I'll keep some Pepto on hand, now.

  • Always keep some Benadryl as well because if they ever have an allergic reaction to food or something outside you can quickly relieve their symptoms. But again I get the Children's Benadryl for the little guys 🙂

  • Adult dose is fine for a Basenji, in fact even and adult size for a puppy is OK…. or so my Vet tells me... and I trust her.... totally.... I have never had a problem with giving any of mine regardless of age Benadryl....

  • My vet told me I could give a whole benadryl tablet for his seasonal allergies. I sometimes give him half a tablet and hide it in some cream cheese. I boiled a chicken leg with some rice, carrots and green beans. His stool seems to be getting better since I gave him 1/2 an immodium last night.

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