• Anyone know if Basenji's are known for weak stomachs? We are really worried about out Maya. She has been up just about every hour the past two nights because she has the runs and her tummy seems to ache. She isn't one to have accidents but the past couple of days she's had to relieve herself in the house and in our truck (she has just gone out maybe 10 - 20 minutes before this happened. We are extremely worried. Now, we have rabbits that appear in our backyard from time to time and we caught Maya eating rabbit poop (I guess because it looks like dog food pellets???). Could this be what is causing the runs. We have not changed her food and we have not changed her routine either. She is 5 months old.


  • They are not known for weak stomachs…. sounds to me like she might have a bug.. and sounds to me like a Vet visit is in order... I would be concerned due to the runs and her having a problem needing to pee... could be a UTI on top of a virus.....
    All dogs love things like rabbit poop (almost as much as cats poop)... goose poop is tasty too.. to eat or roll in...

  • I would second the thought on a trip to the vet. When Ruby was sick a while back, she would wake me up every 2 hours to have diarrhea…the consensus on here was that that wasn't normal and to be concerned about fluid loss when going that much (Ruby was still drinking water and wanted to eat - even though I withheld food 24 hours). In my case, the next day after I withheld food, she started to turn the corner, but I took her to the vet anyway just to be safe.

    Have you tried to withhold food (24 hours so that her gut settles down) and then tried putting her on the bland diet. Also, is she still drinking water?

    I also agree that the peeing thing sounds like something more is going on.

    Oh yeah, on the wild animal poop...+1 on Tanza's remark...and add deer & moose poo into the smorgasbord.

  • Houston

    Add chicken poop, Otis ate some the other day and had the runs for two days off and on. I had made an appointment with the vet, but the night before I decided to try the "pumpkin cure (canned pumpkin, 1 tbsp?) and the next day he was as good as new…note to self, don't eat chicken poop. He hasn't been ill since.

    I would go to the vet with her , especially since it is making her have accidents. They run a huge risk getting dehydrated when they have diarrhea, escpecially since she is so young.

    ps I don't think they eat the nasty poop because it looks like food, I honestly think they eat poop because it smells good, to them...

  • I do hope you let us know how your b is doing and what the vet said.

  • our jonny cannot eat ANYTHING other than diamond lamb and rice and peanutbutter. NO treats or food or anything else. everything gives him the runs, Yuck!!!!! it is soooo gross.
    vet said table spoon of yogurt and i got the ok/amount of imodium to give the next time. yesterday it was a treat /chew bone. no more treats! 😞 he can have peanut butter in his chew bone only.

  • Houston

    Wow, I fees so bad for Jonny, and y'all. The runs is horrible to have to live with. I guess you found what works, so stick with it..

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