• Have just had a phonecall from my mum to say that Tilly has had really bad diarrhoea - cant think what has caused it.

    She goes down to stay with my mum while i am at work - my mum had to pop out for half an hour, so put her in a crate on the stair landing, which is right in front of a window, so she can look out at everything. When my mum got home Tilly had somehow managed to escape from a securely locked crate (the type with double metal latches on each door). One of the doors only had 1 fastening still in place, so she must have somehow moved the latch and then squeezed out a tiny gap by forcing the door outwards. Doing this she had turned the crate completely around - so it was facing in the opposite direction. Obviously she didnt want to dirty her bedding which was pristine. Then she ran about the lounge, kitchen, hallway etc squirting everywhere.

    Otherwise she seems fine - infact my mum was laughing (thankfully) as she said Tilly jumped up on the couch and looked very interested as my mum tried to clean the cr*p out of her REALLY expensive suede rug.

    As she is bright and acting her usual self I dont want to get too worried about it - she is always stealing things she shouldnt and picking up anything she can in the street - she always gets fed the same (either Royal Canin or Challenge complete, together with a sardine or a wee drop of tuna or chicken to taste).

    Will just give her some plain rice with a bit of tuna in it tonight, and see how she is in morning.

  • We give our b's some live yoghurt , about a dessert spoon, plain not flavoured, a little pot in tesco's costs about 28p they love it and it helps the guts friendly bacteria.

    I hope Tilly's tum settles down, if she's bright I wouldn't worry too much.

    Your poor mum, good thing she has a sense of humour!

  • I give mine live yoghurt also if the have an upset tum, works a treat.

  • Thanks Basi/Moetmum, will give it a try.

  • Houston

    hope she is feeling better soon. Your poor mom, not a fun job.

  • She seems absolutely normal - thumped my 110lb dobe male for daring to walk near her when she was resting, chased the cats, caught a mouse. Resilient little B&**ers these basenjis!

  • Houston

    Good news…

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