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It seems that kennels now want your dogs on a flea & tick product. I do not give it to my dogs unless it is absolutely necessary. Once when I lived in Houston a couple of my dogs had fleas after being kenneled for a weekend and I used one of the monthly products for two months. I am considering using an all natural flea and tick spray before they would need to go to the kennel. I believe most of these type of products are good for 5 to 7 days.

Has anyone used the following or can recommend a product?

Neem "Protect" Spray
De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray


Would the kennel have an issue with this type of product instead of a 'monthly' product? Do you have to protect against heartworm where you are? If so does that not cover fleas and ticks also? Just wondering, I got a product called Revolution that is to be applied once monthly and it protects against everything. I got it for Tucker when we went down to FoPaws for the next 4 months, but seeing as they do not have heartworm there I did not give it to them to use.

Most heartworm preventives do not protect against fleas or ticks - just the worm type parasites.
I've not encountered this requirement.
It seems to me if the kennel requires flea products then I would question taking my dog to that kennel. Are they doing a good job of cleaning up once fleas are discovered; do they isolate a dog if discovered to have fleas; are they notifying owners to keep their dog home until the owner resolves the problem; etc etc.

My dogs are on monthly HW prevention but not on any monthly flea treatment.



I didn't even know this stuff was back on the market.. the 6 mo prevention shot. Please read!



I didn't even know this stuff was back on the market.. the 6 mo prevention shot. Please read!

This is Moxidectin. Also used in the horse paste wormer, Quest. I almost lost a horse due to an adverse reaction to this drug. I would not touch it again with a ten foot pole! Not worth the risk for the convenience…..

Has anybody tried an herbal collar? I don't give Spencer anything he doesn't have to have (and he already has to have plenty!). He's never had a flea issue, but the bugs and ticks are SO bad this year.

Herbal or natural does NOT mean safer. Since ther is rarely any double blind testing on "natural" products and no standardization of ingredients and no independent testing to see if claimed quantity of active ingredient is present, using these products is at least as dangerous as the effective pharmaceutical products.

I use frontline, almost everymonth, here we got super evil fleas and ticks.. duh!

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OMG! what a dreadful but eye-opening story! thanks, Debra for that info. Good thing for informed consumers, I know we 'trust' our Vets, but this just makes one think about the importance of being informed about what goes into different drugs and thus into our beloved critters!

I have two german shepherd dogs, once both are suffering from fleas that time I use Frontline plus for removing fleas and ticks from my dogs, But it will take time to remove , Later I concern with my friends for other product then he suggest me use aspis forte to remove fleas and ticks. recently, I m using aspis forte its awesome product very cheaper,I had bought from genericfrontlineplus.com

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