PA-Anamolink-Fortora Farms-Julie Forsyth & Dan Sweeney-200+ Charges

  • This is a Basenji breeder but they also have other breeds and horses. Please research the breeder of your pups/dogs!

    I see no puppies in the Basenji Pedigree Database born after 2010!

    Here is the story:


  • Could be that they stopped AKC registrations… and are still breeding. But proves the point, just because a breeder does some testing for Fanconi this doesn't mean that they are responsible, reputable breeders. And all the dogs in those pedigrees are puppymill x backyard breeder.....

    As Jennifer says, research ...... and me.... I say personally visit....

  • If you have a pup/dog from this breeder and have had problems or visited the breeder and saw anything out of the ordinary, especially in the past 2 years, please contact the State of PA Department of Agriculture! Kennel inspections are under the control of the Dept. of Agriculture because it is considered farming-dog farming. In the State of PA this is kenneling more than 26 dogs. A more restrictive law was put into place in 2008 in the State of PA because of all the problems with the dog breeders particularly the Amish farmers in the Lancaster area.

    I do not know this breeder but I have heard of the kennel and I have rescued dogs that go back to the same dogs that are in the pedigrees of her dogs. One of these was Dishong's Jett, a half brother, and he was rescued outside of an OH dog auction by a PA breeder who could not sell his dog at the auction for some reason. Dishong has a PA kennel license for 501+ dogs and he also owns a pet store, used to own another one but closed it in early 2011. I believe there were more Bs at these pet stores as Jett was supposedly bred. Jett was not AKC registered.

    Unless the buyer is a well known Basenji breeder whom you can obtain references and talk to other buyers about him/her definitely visit. There was a BYB in TX that would meet buyers halfway to drop off pups, no one ever went to her place. When she got out of the business and selling her breeding dogs, a USDA licensed breeder from OK griped about the conditions of her place and that she would never pass a USDA inspection. He could not sell the B pups he had bred to a dealer/broker because the pups had luxating patellas. He was really upset but I feel sorry for the pups and the older breeding dogs he bought. A potential buyer also needs to ask where did you acquire the sire and dam?


  • I wish breeders her were deemed to be puppy farmers if they had kenneling for more than 26 dogs!!

  • Thee two people come out to race there greyhounds with the Clubs I race with.
    I have known about the problems, and the B's they had where terrible.
    They even tried to sell me a puppy.
    I heard they put the litter of B's they had in rescue.
    I have told the RS about them but was ignorned.

  • These people did show some of their Basenjis and actually did get points on some of them. That doesn't always mean much though. A person can enter a bunch of their own dogs in a small show and if no one else enters then they get points on something they own. I remember the pups they were selling as "show prospects" were poor quality and priced higher than an actual show prospect from a responsible breeder.

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