TX-Houston-Female PB Pups-1 Tri & 1 Black & White F-In Rescue

  • These pups are 11 weeks old.

    I have not contacted the rescue to see if they are still available.

    Here is their Petfinder page:



  • This one has been up for a while. I finally took the plunge and inquired about them just a couple days ago. This is the response I got:

    "The Black and white girl is the only one I have left at this point.
    The guy with the Mother dog bred her to a neighbors male Basenji against his
    wife's wishes. When the pups were about 4 1/2 weeks old she threatened to
    take the babies to the pound. They were too messy. He called me and I took
    them in here. I met the Female she was a brindle and she was definitely a
    Basenji. The neighbor with the male kept one of the pups. Never met the male
    but was told he was a tri colored male.
    Only other Basenji proof I have is that my 3 year old female Basenji adopted
    the litter and has been taking care of them since they have been allowed out
    with the rest of the dogs. :)"

  • How sad is that, thank goodness for the person that took them… and yes.. at 4 weeks they get MESSY!.... The one Tri, look to me like a Trindle instead of a clear Tri. And that would make sense since if the mother was Brindle.

  • I thought the same thing- trindle!
    And yes, so sad…people are really just stupid...simply put

  • I would have suggested the low cost spay/neuter clinic for the dam-only $65 and for the sire only $50 if both are under 30 lbs.! I am glad they were not taken to the shelter-high kill rates in Houston.


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