• Well clearly my hope is that this woman is able to keep her home and dog.

  • She is darling. How sad, to lose your home and basenji. She is wise to try and find a home before she gets in a desperate situation. Surely a cute little 7 month old girl will find a loving home soon.

  • Houston

    How sweet, so sorry to hear about this womans unfortune and bad luck..I hope she is able to keep her home and dog..

  • I talked to Dixies owner today and she tells me brat has already contacted her. I only justed sent it in yesterday I cant believe how fast they got back to her!!

  • She should be easy to place, she is cute and a great age.

  • Brat does a great job, we are not paid, and do it on our own time, but we all work for the b's..so, fingers crossed this girl can move into her forever place.

  • An update on this story. I wasn't able to get hold of this women for awhile. The last I heard her father went into the hospital so I figured she had been spending alot of time there, but finally caught her last night. Brat came and got Dixie almost immediatly after contacting her so they have had Dixie over 2 weeks now. She is very grateful to them because with all her worries she didnt have to worry so much about Dixie. Sadly though her father died a few days ago but as much as she needed Dixie to help comfort her she is so glad she has a chance at a new home. She wants to thank brat for helping her out.

  • I found Dixie posted on Brat. She looks really good sounds like she is doing well. I'm so glad. Hubby and Chief said we could have her but Zoey put her paw down and said NO WAY. I wonder if she will be able to except another B in the house. Not that I'm looking I have my hands full with 2 right now.

  • Oh dear, my condolences to Dixie's owner. She did a very brave thing to let her Dixie go on to find a forever home.

  • Hopefully Dixie will find a great home soon. As much as this must have hurt her first human, better to handle it sensibly rather than an emergency trip to the pound and all the pain that would have caused both of them. My sympathy to the first owner, if you see her again. And an "atta girl" for facing a bad situation head-on and dealing with it.

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