PA-Waynesboro-PB Female Brindle-In Shelter

  • This girl is considered young but she looks like she may be older. She may also be considered special needs as she is timid and is hand shy and does not like her collar touched. She is supposedly good with dogs and cats. She is recommended to be in a home without young children. Sometimes being hand shy or backing up when approached is due to an eye problem.

    The shelter is located approximately 13 miles Northeast from Hagerstown, MD, approximately 70 miles Southwest of Harrisburg, PA, and approximately 75 miles Northwest of Baltimore, MD. I have not contacted the shelter nor BRAT about her. It does not state if she is a stray or an owner turn-in. I usually post on the BBR grouplist is the dog is an owner turn-in.

    I hope someone can go and take a look at her!

    Here is her Petfinder page:


  • Will send this on to BRAT.

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