Does your Tri Basenji like the sun or avoid laying in direct sunlight?

  • Our Red and White Basenji is a heat seeking missile. He loves to lay anywhere it is warm, will do a tap dance on a heat vent trying to get it to turn on, and loves to bath in the direct sunlight. He has been this way since he has been a puppy.

    On the other hand, our 5 month old female Tri Basenji, seems to like the sun, but does not like to lay directly in the sunlight. Unless indoors, she will go to great lengths to get under something so she is not in direct sunlight.

    Has anyone else noticed similar behavior in their Tri, Brindle, or Black and White Basenji?

  • Our tri loves the sun but can't stay as long as or red. Black does attract more heat

  • My B&W likes sunshine but does not go out of his way to find a patch of sunshine to lay in like our R&W. I think they get too hot being black, they absorb too much of the heat. I know when I put my hand on Tucker he is cooking if he is laying in direct sunlight. Becca waits for the furnace to come on in the morning also (R&W) and when I blow-dry my hair she makes sure to sit at my feet so that she can get blow-dried too.

  • My Tri girls seeks out the sun… to the point she will lay on the concrete in the middle of the afternoon in the sun... My Tri, Mickii was the same way

  • Our 2 RW's love the sunlight in summer, they settle nose to tail across the back deck soaking up the rays . In the winter the female, Bitty, hogs the hear registers, while the male, Mr. Baroo, sits anxioualy in front of the fireplace waiting for someone to start the fire.

  • My tri has thick hair so he gets heated up easily. He'll lay in the sun for about 5-10 minutes and then he moves to the shade. When we walk on warm days he has to stop and lay in the shade as the heat gets to him. He will not get under the covers and will happily go out for walks in the cold.

  • Zippy loved to lay in the sun. I used to go out to get her and bring her inside since I thought she was getting too hot. I was worried because she was older and had Fanconi. Most of the times she was sleeping.


  • First black basenji I had was 1 1/2 and my red girl was 14, on a walk he wilted way before she did and dove for shade. Mine tris & B/ W like to lie in the sun but come inside to cool off, red ones we used to have would be outside for hours. The black coat absorbs more heat than the red.

  • Kiora will lie in the sun for 20-30 minutes on a moderately hot day.

  • Over the years I've had mostly R?W but have definitely found that the tris , although loving the sun do get overheated and need to cool down more frequently.

  • Just thought it was fitting to throw These pictures into the thread!

  • my r/w seeks out the sun, lays on the cement in the sun etc. my tri girl joins her but for only a short while. but. in sayin that, its not really cold here and when we hav bonfires my tri girl loves to lay beside the fire whereas my rw girl would rather lay under the doona in bed. haha

  • Lysh- it's funny how they like one thing and not others, Oakley loves the sun but isn't a fan of fires….but I imagine if it were cold enough he'd warm up to the idea of at least snuggling with his mom by the fire..

  • Shaye loves the sun - will lie out in the heat for as long as she can get it. Gemma, being a basenji/sheltie mix and furrier, lies on the cool tiles on the porch, and when the sun hits her, she heads for the A/C. At the beach, Shaye lies in the hot sand in the sun until I get her into the shade, and because she is also a heat seeking thing, wants to be totally under covers to sleep at night. Stands to reason the tris and b/w's would absorb more heat and not prefer it as much as the r/w's do.

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