Thanks Mom, This is Delicious!

  • Abbey even at 3 is still a little wild woman sometimes, but she is always very polite where food is involved. If you give her a tidbit of something she politely examines it to be sure it's edible, then daintily accepts it. Tonight I was getting some cheese out of the fridge door and almost didn't notice a little "plop" that landed by my foot. I turned around and here's Abbey under the table trying to unwrap a stick of butter. Had to chase her into the living room to get it back, not that I really wanted it back at that point. She let loose a big BAROOOO and I had to laugh with her. It's impossible to explain, uh, dog, I didn't really MEAN to give you that so please give it back now if you don't mind.

  • LMAO, how funny!!!!

  • In my experience when a dog has access to a plate of food, it usually puts its whole face in the plate rendering all the food unedible. However, my sweet angel Zoe, very politely graps one item and takes it to a corner to eat it. If she still hasn't been detected, she'll return to select another item and retreat back to the same corner to enjoy her unauthorized treat.
    I'm greatful for this prima donna behavior when we're hosting a party. That way I can remove any "touched" food items without having to throw out a whole tray of yummy snacks.
    Needless to say we never condone people food as treats - some days she's just smarter than I am!


    Reminds me of when we accidently dropped a well put together plate of meatloaf with some yummy sides…C3 proceeds to input snout in the plate rendering all the food unedible (for human standards) and TOPAZ of course too dainty to just shove her snout in the plate just picked up a GIANT piece of meatloaf trotted over to her crate & had a ball 😃

  • Have you seen the basenji rules. i should post them for everyones enjoyment.

  • Dashy is very delicate when stealing food as well. He rarely will take any food from your hand. He has to inspect it first on the floor to make sure it really is edible. Unfortunatley for him, the beagle isn't as careful and he loses many treats to her.
    But for some reason if it is on the table he is different, he grabs and runs.I constantly have to remind my son to push his plate to the center of the table if he gets up from the table otherwise he will come back to an empty plate!

  • Talker recently started doing this. When I give him a piece of food that I'm eating and put it near his mouth, he'll flutter his eyes. His eyes will bat a few times. He doesn't do it all the time, but both my husband and I noticed him doing that a few weeks ago.

    Savannah always smells it first and then takes it from your hand.

  • That was great…I can picture it...LOL

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