• Baroo, baroo; I'm 50 (thank-you, Basenji Foruams for your birthday wishes) now and, that AARP has sent me an application and I'm getting calls from "I've fallen' and can't get up' people. If they only knew how young my B makes me feel. :0

  • Happy Birthday! You have to stay spry to keep up with a B! They keep you young– and neat. 🙂

  • Happy birthday, and Baroo to you! If you think your B makes you feel young, wait until you are 72 - with a B and a half, they are keeping my muscles strong, making me walk, and wondering how long this can last! LOL !

  • Happy Birthday! 50…you're still a baby!

  • I have you beat with the AARP app. They sent me that application twice when I was only 21 or 22. Had to call them up and explain they were a tad too early 😉

  • When my mother (many years ago, btw, I am 56) turned 50, one of my nieces told her she was "half a hundred" and she got mad. LOL I told her it sounded cute. She said "Wait til YOU'RE "half a hundred"!" I still think it's cute. Happy Half a Hundred!

  • "half a hundred" Nice!

    Thanks all, I'm thinking when i get out of the work force…..another or 2 B's. I will have time for them. I just want to see them play and be the B's that they are, My current B is the most mellow thing you have ever seen. I got him at 5 years, don't know what his sitch was , but i can't imagine such a laid back 'B'

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