• I order Oakley bull sticks through best bullysticks.com, generally I get the standard 6" in a 50pack or the 6" thick…. I'm wondering what other bones, if you will, can I give him? He has corneal dystrophy and I'm trying to stick with lower fats ( not sure how good bully sticks are in that regard?). The website also offers marrow bone and stuffed shin bones filled with sweet potato or banana and yogurt... I'm looking for some advice on whats good, safe and healthy for his eyes in regards to fat.

    Oakley appreciates any comment that leads to the purchase of your suggested item!

  • I just reread my post and I now realize my dog is spoiled!! Lol

  • For straight hard bones, moose antlers are great, while my girls don't chew them all the time, they do off and all… and they last . Best bullystick site carries the ones that I buy

  • Do you prefer those over elk antlers? Just asking because I went on and they had both…so now I'm gonna pick your brain

  • I think they are about the same, I think I have both and never noticed a difference (or I should say the girls have not…ggg)

    And yes mine are spoiled too!

  • I throw away the last 2 inches of bullysticks so they don't swallow them whole, so started buying the 12 inch ones as they last longer and I am throwing away less overall! I like that they can gnaw them for a long time, mine don't really like antlers.

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