• Hey Basenji lovers,

    I am relatively new to this forum and was wondering if there is an app on playstore for this? For some reason, I keep losing connection and then unable to respond to any messages back! Think it would be easier if there was an app.

    Anyways, the above is not relevant and let me get down to the actual question..

    I want to start making food for my 6 month old little pup and I am unsure how to workout the calories, grams and the daily amount?

    I know you need veggies, meat and carbs but is there anything else? Also how many grams of protein, carbs and veggies do you give and what is the daily calorie requirement and for each meal?

    My pup weighs around 7-8kg I think...

    I would appreciate if any home food makers could shed some light on how to weigh food and what to give.

    I have seen photos on the net that some people give brown rice and fried eggs..

    Just need some guidance that's all.

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • Counting calories (or guessing calories): The average adult Basenji should eat ~1C of food (based on kibble portions) which will come out to 4-500 calories/day.
    1 egg = ~90 calories.
    1 chick breast (cutlet) = 30-300 calories (varies wildly based on cooking method)
    1/4# ground/minced beef = ~150 calories (varies based on fat percentage)

    You can cook special meals for your pup (ex: ground beef, carrots, green beans, cottage cheese, and a tums®), or you can share what you make for yourself (which I find to be much easier). I give doodle a protein (chicken, ground beef, liver, egg, or steak) and some veggies. She tends to like her veggies cut up more than I cut my own, and she doesn't like all veggies. She has "texture issues" with bell peppers. 😉 But generally she will dig right in.

    Calcium is always a concern with homemade dog diets. Pulverized egg shell works (use a blender or coffee grinder to grind the shells to powder). A Tums® (antacid pill) is easily available and already portioned.

    Educate yourself on things your dog should not eat to keep them safe.

  • My puppy is 6 months and not an adult yet so how much would he eat? So my puppy eats 200 calories a day and this is divided into 4 parts through out the day. Would my puppy need the same amount as it states in the kibble guide?

    We pretty much have a healthy diet, chicken and rice, lamb and rice, fish and rice, maybe have a chapati time to time.

    We do add spices in our food but before we add of that we would just give it non seasoned. We tend to cook our chicken in the oven or grill on the griddle.

  • Something else to consider is the need for fat soluble vitamins, which are found easily in organ meats. A butcher near me makes a dog treat tube with a variety of organ meats, which can be sliced to give in smaller portions. They shouldn't have too much liver though. If you roast a chicken for your family you can also make stock from the carcass, which provides other valuable nutrients such as glucosamine.

  • Thanks guys, my main worry is not to over feed him. So my question is how much should be weighed out to provide to a basenji puppy?

  • @little_t Your eye should tell you if you are feeding appropriately. Is he gaining weight, losing weight, or maintaining weight? Individual dogs may need more or less food depending on activity level and metabolism. You can start with a "ballpark" estimate and increase or decrease appropriately. There is no "one size fits all".

  • @little_t - There are many site on line that talk about homemade food and how to make. I would suggest you search those sites.

  • @little_t
    Here are a couple of frozen doggie treat recipes :[link text](link https://www.rover.com/blog/ice-cream-for-dogs-in/ url)

  • I've tried making homemade food for my two basenjis in the past, and it was a hit and miss with their stomachs. Sometimes they would be going for a few months with very solid poop and then their stomachs get upset all of sudden and I had to change ingredients or supplements. They are now 15 and 16 and are eating Dr. Harvey's hydrated food mixed with ground turkey. It's easy to make, has all the supplements and lasts about a week in the refrigerator. It works really well for both and no more upset stomachs.

    I typically use 4.2 cups of dry mix rehydrated with boiling water, then mixed with to 2.6lbs of cooked ground turkey (buy in bulk at costco) and 3 tbsp of coconut butter. It lasts for about a week, for twice a day feeding for two dogs.


  • @alex Wow Alex, can't believe that your kids are 15 and 16! When did that happen....

  • @tanza time flies, I setup this forum in 2006 we got Chance around that time, then shortly after came Kiya, because you know it turned out they are pack animals.

  • @alex I wonder if I can do this turkey and my dehydrated The Honest Kitchen?

  • @chenke I tried honest kitchen and unfortunately it did not sit well with their stomach, so I personally would not try it again, but it may work for you. Also, I think the honest kitchen already has protein/meat in it, at least the one I bought. I

  • @alex - Same with me, my one Basenji can't digest alfalfa at all, she will barf it immediately.... and all honest kitchen has alfalfa in one form or another, I believe..... But if your Basenji does well with Honest Kitchen, it is a good food and you really can just add whatever you want. Mix it up, veggies, meat added whatever. Honest Kitchen will have the need amount of protein, carbs. Raw eggs are a good source of protein... I don't use much rice and especially brown rice if they are having tummy issues. Brown rice is harder to digest.

  • @alex yes it already has the protein, might be too much

  • Hi everyone, please help, I have sat here reading all the post about kidney disease, which my guy, now 13 years old has. I took him to see Dr. Dodds and did the whole blood panel thing, she said "no chicken of any type in anything" and so I changed his diet to dried lamb formula by Open Farm and cooked white turkey breast and cow liver and white rice, he is no longer eating! She did suggest I put him on Azodyl, but two days of screaming and diarrhea I discontinued it.
    I am starting him on grass fed beef with amino B Rx vitamins, grizzly krill oil, cranberry RX. Any other suggestions is very helpful...there are so many opinions here!
    His phosphorus level is 4.6 and his creatinine is 63. I don't see where on his blood report it tells me what "stage" of kidney failure he is in.
    I will also pick up the TUMS today. Thank you for any and all comments or suggestions.

  • @branch Turkey and Chicken are much the same. Give your Vet a call and see if switching to Turkey is "okay".

  • @elbrant - I have many times commented that Vets (not all but many) are not really taught about feeding... they typically recommend what is sold/placed in their practice....

  • @tanza I was just thinking that if the Vet specifically said, "no chicken", it would probably apply to other common poultry entrees.... just a thought.

  • @elbrant - Thanks, I didn't catch that it was Dr Dodds that said that, I was referring to regular Vets not Dr Dodds that has done research.

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