• Hi all,

    My senior B - Beegin is 13 1/2 and is now weighing in at barely 25 lbs. I have discussed it with my vet as Beegin has been slowly getting littler for years now. There's no underlying GI or metabolic disease and my vet thinks he just doesn't have the muscle mass he had in his young years and isn't concerned. Beegin used to be around 31 or so lbs. My vet said he seems like a slim active senior dog and isn't worried since here eats just fine. I'm just wanting to stay ahead of any issues so I thought I would get input here. Beegin is my first basenji.

    Now, I will admit it could totally be my perspective too. My other dog is a food hound beagle that I have to monitor, get weight mgmt food and supplement with low calorie veggies to try to keep him from becoming a sausage.

    I'll put pictures here as well. I just have to figure out how to shrink them.

    Love to hear everybody's input!



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  • Also he's currently eating a mix between Purina Pro Bright minds and Taste of the Wild Wetland recipe dry kibble a heaping 1/2 cup am and pm. I've tried giving him more but he'll walk away from the bowl. I also give him something supplemental with his dinner like an egg, or scoop of plain greek yogurt or non seasoned meat from whatever I cook etc. He gets his special at dinner because that's also when Brady the beagle gets something extra - but his is to hide his medicine.

  • @phocoenagirl - from this picture of him standing, you can see the backbone and looks to be thin in the ribs, but 25lbs is a good weight. I prefer a bit extra (not alot just a bit) on seniors in case they get sick... I assume you had full blood work done? Including a full thyroid panel? This would be extra than the normal blood work Vets typically do.

  • Yeah that's what I'm a bit worried about. If he gets sick, he's got no fat to spare. I didn't know thyroid was a separate blood check so we may not have done that. I will call my vet to check. Thanks for the tip! Any thoughts on helping him to gain a bit in the meantime?

  • @phocoenagirl I learned recently that there are two different Thyroid tests, at least according to my vet. One is rather basic at about $120 USD, and the other is much more exhaustive and informative at above $600 USD. Discuss with your vet and make certain you're having the correct test administered.

    He's a good looking boy. Hope you get this puzzle solved. 🙂 👍

  • Agree with @tanza that he looks good if a little thin, that 25 pounds might actually be little heavy in most male Basenjis, and that putting a little weight on an older dog is a good idea. IOW adding a pound or so would be a good idea. Try puppy food in the same/similar line. It is more calorically dense. Also a little broth in with a larger portion of regular food might do the trick. I've also had older dogs -- 15 or 16 -- express great interest in ice cream and creme brûlée. That will definitely add some weight!

    The thyroid test also seems a good idea. Not to be gross, but how is his poop? If that's normal you can probably rule out gastrointestinal issues.

  • Contact Dr. Dodds at Hemopet for thyroid test information. I had to send a blood draw to them to have one of my foster dogs thyroid tested. Most veterinary labs do not run the full panel needed on Basenjis. You can contact them and get advice as to which test you need to request and pay for. The most you would have to pay is $195 and the likely cost is about 1/2 that. $600 is an outrageous amount.

  • @senjisilly said in Is My Senior B Too Skinny?:

    Contact Dr. Dodds at Hemopet for thyroid test information...

    That's great info! Thanks!

  • @phocoenagirl - Only T-4 is done with a vet regular Thyroid test, full panels are different and cover all the bases. You can have it sent to Hemopet or most vets send to U of M. Note that your Vet was correct and as they age they will start to lose muscle mass.... that is normal, but not weight loss.

  • Thank you everybody so much! I appreciate all the info. I had some vanilla Breyer's all natural and gave my guy a taste of that... boy does he seem to think that's a great treat! Obviously, though I don't want that to be the only thing I do. I'm going to follow up with our vet on getting a draw for the full thyroid panel at hemopet once next pay check comes through. You were right he was only checked for T4. Thank again basenji forums!

    I was looking back at pics from when he was younger and weighed more. I think he's always been a bit taller than standard and had a little barrel chest. Used to call him a basenji bouncer at the dog park. He was all about playing with the labs, pits and other big dogs - probably because he knew he could outrun them if they ever got too rough. He's much more about slow walks with me and lap snuggles these days ❤

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