• We're looking for a basenji pup (I use this term loosely as we're open to different aged pups but preferably younger). He/she must be good with cats, dogs, and kids, preferable neutered and must be UTD on vaccines, if you need to give one up let me know. I'm also not lookin to spend hundreds and hundred of dollars for an akc purebred etc etc etc… Mixes are fine.

  • Try www.basenjirescue.org or www.basenjirescue.com (.com is in southern california)

  • Thank you, I have filled out a brat application but figured I should post here too, squeaky wheels gets the grease right!

  • If are looking for a mix, I would search on Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet, Petharbor, etc. websites for a mix close to you. I know you do not want to pay hundreds of dollars but do you have the funds to pay for vet care if needed. If you are wanting a PB Basenji, please research the breed and the diseases they can have at https://www.basenji.org/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=57&Itemid=313

    There is a section on Health Information and Is A Basenji Right For Me?


  • Yeah I have been checking on petfinder but it seems most basenji mixes near me people are just assuming the breeds. The closest actual basenjis are so far away there's no short distance incentive (aka mainly California, Texas, Colorado) but Im checking all roads petfinder pet harbor rescues etc… Vet care bills are no problem, nor are they for my current animals, I just don't want to pay 700+ just because he/she are purebred.

  • The reason B pups cost that much from reputable breeders is because they are health tested. The parents have had the DNA Fanconi test, eye exams, thyroid tests, hip x-rays, etc. It is not cheap to have all these tests done. If anyone is paying that price for an untested pup, they need to be educated. Even my rescues have had the majority of these tests done!

    You should check with breeders in AZ to see if they might have a young adult available! Under that same website, there is a section titled Breeder Referral and there is a list of states where breeders reside.


  • Yes I understand I'm not debating their prices, just saying not my most preferred route, that's why I'm looking in rescues and people needing to give up their dogs, I don't necessarily want a young dog either, I'd like to miss the puppy stage. Thanks for the breeder referral suggestion though I haven't tried that yet.

  • If Colorado is an option for you, make sure that you check Colorado Basenji Rescue http://www.coloradobasenjirescue.org/index.shtml
    I got one of my Basenjis from there.

  • I have actually but haven't heard back, like I said I'm just keeping all my options open, trying to work with brat right now with a semi local dog.

  • Did you find your Basenji? I just moved to Arizona and am as well as my Basenji girl missing our B group so much. Looking for B owners , foster parents anyone that might like to get together with the pups.
    Donna D. (my girl is Tally)

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